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Weber School Academic Program

Academic Program

At The Weber School, students receive access to a wide range of College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement options as well as unique and innovative curricular and co-curricular programs. In every subject, we aim to challenge and encourage students to reach their highest level of potential and have gathered a highly talented and devoted faculty to develop each student’s abilities.

9th Grade

EnglishGrammar, Composition and Literature
(Honors, College Prep)
MathAlgebra I
Geometry (Honors, College Prep)
Algebra II (Honors, College Prep)
Social StudiesHuman Geography (Honors, College Prep)
Humanities: Inquiry and Thinking Skills
(Honors, College Prep)
ScienceBiology (Honors, College Prep)
LanguagesIntro to Hebrew, Hebrew 100, 110, 200
Spanish 100, 200, 210
Jewish StudiesTopics in Jewish Law (Honors, College Prep)
Themes in Jewish Literature (Honors, College Prep)

10th Grade

EnglishWorld Literature and Composition
(Honors, College Prep)
MathGeometry (Honors, College Prep)
Algebra II (Honors, College Prep)
Pre-Calculus (Honors, College Prep)
Social StudiesWorld History (Honors, College Prep)
World History (Advanced Placement)
ScienceChemistry (Honors, College Prep)
LanguagesHebrew 200, 210, 220, 300
Spanish 100, 200, 210, 300, 310
Jewish StudiesJewish Literature and Thought II
(Honors, College Prep)
Advanced Law and Literature (Honors)

11th Grade

EnglishAmerican Literature (Honors, College Prep)
English Language and Composition
(Advanced Placement)
MathAlgebra II (Honors, College Prep)
Pre-Calculus (Honors, College Prep)
Statistics (College Prep)
Statistics (Advanced Placement)
Calculus (Honors)
Calculus AB and BC (Advanced Placement)
Social StudiesUnited States History (Honors, College Prep)
United States History (Advanced Placement
SciencePhysical Science
Physics (Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep)
LanguagesHebrew 300, 310, 320, 400, 410, 420
Spanish 200, 210, 300, 310, 400, 410
Spanish (Advanced Placement)
Jewish StudiesModern Jewish History
Advanced Law and Literature (Honors)
Jewish Studies Elective

12th Grade

EnglishLiterary Journeys and Composition
(Honors, College Prep)
English Literature and Composition
(Advanced Placement)
MathPre-Calculus (Honors, College Prep)
Statistics (Honors, College Prep)
Statistics (Advanced Placement)
Calculus (Honors)
Calculus AB and BC (Advanced Placement)
Social StudiesUnited States Government (Honors, College Prep)
United States Government and Politics
(Advanced Placement)
Economics: Wall Street Boot Camp
Macroeconomics (Advanced Placement)
Government: Topeka/Civil Rights
Government: Know Your Rights
ScienceAnatomy and Physiology (Honors, College Prep)
Chemistry & Chemistry Lab (Advanced Placement)
Biology & Biology Lab (Advanced Placement)
Environmental Science (Advanced Placement)
Physics I and C (Advanced Placement)
LanguagesHebrew 400, 410, 420
Spanish 300, 310, 400, 410
Spanish (Advanced Placement)
Israeli Film & Culture
Current Events - Israeli Media
Jewish StudiesJewish Studies Elective

Academic Electives


*These electives may count toward a Jewish Studies elective
** These electives may count toward a Fine Arts elective

EnglishCreative Writing, Journalism,
Down the Rabbit Hole: An Introduction to Philosophy*
Social StudiesWorld Issues and International Affairs, Psychology (Advanced Placement), World History (Advanced Placement), Macroeconomics (Advanced Placement), Jewish Women in Modern America, Economics: Wall Street Boot Camp, Social Entrepreneurship
ScienceAstronomy*, Environmental Science (Advanced Placement), Chemistry (Advanced Placement), Biology (Advanced Placement), Physics I and C (Advanced Placement)
MathSports Statistics, Finite Math
HebrewIsraeli Film & Culture, Current Events - Israeli Media
Jewish StudiesProcess of Hate and the Holocaust, Advanced Law and Literature, Biblical Women, Honors Capstone Seminar, Things that Go Bump in the Night
Technology3-D Printing and Design**, Intro to Programming, Game Design, Computer Science (Advanced Placement), Java, Yearbook**

Fine and Performing Arts


Performing ArtsFall Drama Production,
Spring Musical Production, Dance Company,
Dance Exploratory (Intro and Intermediate),

Performing Arts Exploratory

Visual ArtsDrawing I and II, Ceramics I and II, 2-D Art, 3-D Art, Painting I and II,
Studio Art (Honors and AP), Digital Photography
MusicChoral Ensemble, Band, Guitar, Sound Engineering, Music Theory, Rock and Roll and American Story

Physical Education - Athletics

Fall SportsCross Country, Volleyball, Girls Softball
Winter SportsBoys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming
Spring SportsBaseball, Golf, Boys and Girl Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Girls Gymnastics
IntramuralsWeight training, Yoga, Girls Fitness, Beginning and Intermediate Golf, Beginning and Intermediate Swim
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