ALEF Fund Scholarships

Applying for an ALEF Scholarship

What is the ALEF Fund?

The ALEF Fund, Inc. provides scholarships to qualified students who attend The Weber School. Students who are Georgia residents and either enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school are eligible for ALEF scholarships.

Scholarships can only be offered to students PRIOR to their enrollment in a private school. Once a student receives a scholarship from ALEF, the scholarship is renewable annually until graduation (contingent upon continuing eligibility and availability of funds).

How does my child apply for an ALEF Scholarship?

Parents (or guardians) interested in an ALEF Fund scholarship will go through the following process:

  1. Go through the school’s application and financial aid process. The family should indicate to the school their interest in an ALEF scholarship.
  2. Using the school’s financial aid application, the school will work with ALEF to determine each student’s ALEF scholarship award, and to notify the student.
  3. Once the ALEF scholarship award has been made and the student has accepted a school’s admissions offer, the student’s parents or guardian and the school will complete the ALEF Fund Commitment and Recommendation form and return it to ALEF.
  4. If applicable, the student’s family will give the school documentation of the student’s public school attendance and/or withdrawal which the school will send along with a copy of the student’s acceptance letter to the ALEF Fund.
  5. The ALEF Fund will mail a check made out to the parents or guardian to the school. The school will notify the family when the check arrives, and the parents will endorse the check to the school.