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The rigorous academic program at The Weber School is complemented by an active and robust experiential education.

Research has proven that students whose social and emotional needs are being met actually perform better in the classroom, and we believe it wholeheartedly. To that end, we seek to experience and integrate non-classroom learning into the life of Weber students as much as possible.

Overall, we try to “challenge participants to build Jewish knowledge and commitment from the basis of their experiences in this world (Reimer and Bryfman).” The activities we engage in outside of class include grade trips, community service, traveling abroad, and hosting visitors who have experiences that we can learn from just by hearing about them.

While experiential learning does cater to the emotional and personal feelings that our students are developing, there is also a strong cognitive element. We are not vessels to be filled; rather we are candles to be lit that we then use to light others. Learning by doing gives students a realistic context that learning by reading or listening cannot give. This helps develop the instinct, judgment, confidence, and critical thinking that Weber graduates use to get ahead in college and beyond.

Grade Level Trips

Each grade goes on a tiyul (trip/journey) that serves as a memorable learning experience outside the ordinary school day. The trips are typically two days and include a community service project and educational component.

The goal of our grade trips is to provide meaningful and memorable experiences that both educate and bring our students closer together. Long after these trips are over, classmates reminisce and enjoy recalling the sites they saw and the stories they made. We start the reflection even before the trip starts (“preflection”) and end each day of the trip with a group reflection that allows us to learn from—and about—each other.

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