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Student Orgs, Clubs, and Kehillah!
Student Orgs, Clubs, and Kehillah!

This year's Student Organization and Club Fair was a high-energy event as students packed the gym, clamoring to check out the wide range of clubs and organizations offered this year.

Club life at Weber is rich and varied with over 40 active clubs (recreational groups with a shared area of interest) and organizations (mission-driven and often affiliated with outside associations) -- all encouraging our students to develop their interests and work together while providing meaningful experiences. The wide variety of clubs and organizations at this year's club fair offers something for everyone! Jordan Port and Ariel Roth were excited about the number of students interested in their "Trendy Trash" club, saying, "We started our club to combine our love of fashion and concern for the environment and it's amazing that so many of our friends are interested in learning how to change their idea of clothing from a 'disposable' product to a sustainable one. We're planning a fashion show for later in the year that will really illustrate to people that it's possible to be stylish without contributing to all the waste and pollution in the clothing industry." The Anime Club, led by Lucas Jannett and Nolan Goldklang, is another club that garnered a ton of student interest at this year's fair. "Because there are so many anime genres, our club is appealing to a wide range of students," said Lucas and Nolan. "What could be better than making new friends while learning about a different culture? And if we help change stereotypes about anime and people who enjoy anime, then all the better!"

Each club or organization has a faculty adviser who helps the students run meetings, plan programs, and focus their contribution to the school community. Michelle Geppert, Social Studies teacher and Director of Student Programming and Leadership, is the faculty lead for these programs and works closely with the student leaders and their faculty advisors.