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Global Experiences

Senior Israel-Poland Experience

In partnership with Union for Reform Judaism Heller High School in Israel and The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland, this three week travel education program offers extensive learning about Jewish history as well as contemporary Jewish life in both Israel and Poland. This unique experience nurtures an authentic connection for students with their Jewish identity and serves as a capstone to the four years at Weber.

Spanish Immersion Program

It’s all too common for the culture of a foreign language to take a back seat to vocabulary and grammar drills -- language is living, breathing, and active outside the confines of the classroom! Through field studies in Atlanta and an extended stay in a Latin American country -- past trips include Argentina and Cuba -- students have the opportunity to authentically engage and fully understand the culture beyond tourist attractions. Students explore music, art, food, sports, politics, and Jewish life by studying and investigating the country's history while breaking down its stereotypes.

This program is designed for students enrolled in Spanish 200 or higher who want to take on the challenges and rewards of Spanish immersion, who want a taste of authentic Spanish and Sephardic Jewish culture, and who want a rural, unplugged, and disconnected experience from the often rushed, twenty-first century way of life in the United States.