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School Counseling

The school counselor works collaboratively with parents and faculty on issues relative to student growth and development and serves as a liaison between the school and community professionals.

The relationship between the counselor and student is based on respect, honesty and openness to a process whereby the counselor assists students in overcoming barriers that can impede learning and impact development. Students are welcome to meet with the school counselor during study hall, lunch, before school or after school. It is best to email the school counselor in advance to check for availability and receive a confirmation. If a student is distraught, the school counselor will provide a safe and private place to cope with strong emotions and can provide a pass for the student once they are able to return to class.

The school counselor program is designed to provide support services through many avenues to further the personal, social, emotional, and academic development of our students, such as:

  • individual counseling and referrals,
  • large group guidance,
  • interventions,
  • referrals,
  • new student transition program coordination.