Sports Science Academy

Weber’s Sports Science Academy (SSA) offers hands-on learning in various sports, health, and wellness-related fields including physical therapies, sports medicine, physical training, fitness, and sports management. More than class lectures and typical homework assignments, Weber's SSA program offers exclusive opportunities for Weber students to gain practical, first-hand knowledge with internships under experienced, professional mentors.

The Sports Science Academy features an Honors Diploma program with customizable academic tracks as students work with SSA teachers to develop advanced knowledge and skills in their discipline of interest. This approach to academic learning and access to professional experiences is typically only available at the college level and is unmatched at other Atlanta area high schools. 
  • Athletics and Sports Science Academy


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    Athletics Director


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  • Athletics

    The Sports Science Academy is the academic component of the Weber Athletics program. Weber Athletics offers 17 varsity and 5 junior varsity sports and is a member of the Georgia High School Association. More than 65% of our student body participates in athletics.

    Weber Athletics offers a year-round strength and conditioning program -- available to all students -- that utilizes a traditional weight room as well as our state-of-the-art Athletic Annex.  We also have a full-time Athletic Trainer to meet the sports medicine needs of our athletes.

    Click here for more information on Weber's Athletic Program.

Athletics Annex

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  • Athletics Annex

    Students have access to added resources for hands-on learning in Weber’s athletics annex -- an indoor facility for sport-specific training and strength and conditioning. Equipped with batting cages with retractable nets, free weights, racks, TRX suspension trainers, weighted sleds, exercise balls, and myofascial release tools, the facility is staffed by experienced professional trainers and coaches. The athletics annex serves Sports Science Academy students as well as athletes in every season under all weather conditions.

Honors Diploma Exposition

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  • Honors Diploma Exposition

    The Weber Honors Diploma Exposition is the final milestone for students pursuing honors distinction from The Daniel Zalik Academy and the Sports Science Academy. Students present and defend work completed throughout their enrollment in their respective academies and seek final approval by a committee of scholastic and professional authorities. Candidates are confirmed upon demonstration of their breadth of knowledge, depth of understanding, and affirmation of their adherence to the principles and values of The Daniel Zalik Academy, Sports Science Academy, and The Weber School at large.
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