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Join us in celebrating these simchas that have occurred the past twelve months!


Bradlee Kersh (Class of 2001)
Allison Redisch (Class of 2002)
Bennett Ginburg (Class of 2004)
Charlotte Gutman (Class of 2005)
Kim Magid (Class of 2006)
Abi Mangel (Class of 2009)
Aubrey Garber and Jed Wasilewsky (Class of 2010)
Rosie Arkin (Class of 2010) and Ben Grinzaid (Class of 2011)
Ariella Axler (Class of 2010)


Laura Clark (Class of 2001)
Paul Rothstein (Class of 2002)
Neal Cohen (Class of 2002)
Jonathan Habif (Class of 2003)
Ryan Halpern (Class of 2003)
Avi and Robert Killip (Class of 2003)
Jessica Katz Yonatan (Class of 2003)
Karen Stoltz Pearl (Class of 2003)
Aviva Berman (Class of 2004)
Andrea Cooper Oppenheimer (Class of 2004)
Ari Solomon (Class of 2005)
Chaya Zebrak David (Class of 2005)
Rachel Rabinowitz Krasner (Class of 2008)