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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


One of the most frequent questions asked is, "Is so-and-so still there? Click here for a list of your favorite teachers and staff who continue contribute to "Weberness" with their unique skills, talent, and personality.

Paul Ginburg JoAnne Abernathy Rise Arkin
Kalpana Kini Nicki Brite Michael Bennett
Barbara Rosenblit Chaya Lieberman Sam Bradford
Rebecca McCulloughDrew Cohen
Corinne Skott Michelle Geppert
Rabbi Moshe Sokol Ariella Livnat
Chere Stadler David Moore
Rachel Zebrak Olivia Rocamora
Amy Saunders
Bonita Shelton
Amber Singleton
Chip Underwood
Shlaina Van Dyke
Tiffany Zonneveld

The Weber you remember remains true to its mission and core principles, and the community setting created over twenty years ago continues to drive growth and academic success

  • The Weber School from its very beginning established the importance of the student-teacher relationship. This relationship, dating back 1000 years to the time of Maimonides, is the hallmark of traditional Yeshivot and remains an important part of the Weber teaching culture.
  • The ubiquitous nature of Weber electives continues to grow. Not only do current students carry on the tradition of suggesting and helping to develop new courses, they also continue the 20 year old tradition of enrolling in more than the minimum required number of courses each year!

The classroom and culture are incredibly familiar. You should feel excited that the legacy you left is being honored!


In a word, Growth!

Record total enrollment, Record individual size of grades, Record number of AP Classes and electives!

2003 2008 2013 2018
Graduating Class 28 54 69 70
Total Enrollment 114 219 238 268
AP Classes offered 6 7 13 20

New Courses (Last three years)

Fall and Spring Musicals Israeli Film and Culture
Dance Media Literacy
Jazz, Rock, and Classical Ensembles Narrative and Rhetoric in Film
Safecracking Competition Personal Finance
Spanish Immersion Tips to Argentina, Cuba and Spain Social Entrepreneurship
3D Modeling & Design Sports Statistics
American Sign Language Things that Go Bump in the Night
Astronomy Wall Street Boot Camp
Ceramics Weber PR & Marketing Fellows
Diversity Weber Teaching Fellows
From Topeka to Memphis AP Calculus BC
History on the Broadway Stage AP Microeconomics
Intro to Philosophy AP Statistics
Israeli Current Events

New Sports Team include Softball, Swimming, JV Baseball, Gymnastics, Tennis, and Track and Field.