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Weber Athletics

From the Desk of Coach Seagraves

Wednesday, August 15, we will hold an interest meeting for all students interested in participating in our Ultimate Frisbee club. This club is the first step to integrating Ultimate into our athletic opportunities at Weber. The time and place of this first meeting will be published prior to August 15, but will be at school, during school hours.

Strength and Conditioning first day
June 11 at 10:00 AM

Fall Sports first day of practice
Volleyball -July 30
Cross Country- July 30

Winter Sports first day of practice
Basketball - October 22
Wrestling - October 22
Swimming- October 15

Spring Sports first day of practice
Baseball - January 14
Golf - February 11
Track and Field - January 14
Tennis - January 7
Soccer - January 14
Gymnastics - January 7

Spring Sports Awards and End of Year Sports Awards Recipients

NSCA All-Americans

  • Jason Seagraves
  • Seth Shapiro

Scholar Athlete Award

  • Asher Stadler
  • Sydney Rein
  • Ruthie Stolovitz
  • Ariel Arbiv
  • Carly Wohlberg
  • Jason Zarge
  • Adam Spector
  • Aaron Gordon
  • Brooke Goldberg
  • Eli Meyers
  • Daniel Stern
  • Steven Rubin
  • Evan Blum
  • Ben Finkelstein
  • Zeke Siegman
  • Justin Cobb
  • Eli Weiner
  • Lior Granath
  • Eli Katz
  • Zach Negin
  • Paul Rosing
  • Molly Yoles
  • Isabella McCullough
  • Courtney Berman
  • Luke Pearlman
  • Sy Alifeld
  • Mikey Kobrinsky
  • Madison Tessler
  • Jolie Seir
  • Raye Claire Merlin
  • Ryan Gold
  • Micah Abramson
  • Jordan Arbiv
  • Rachel Stinar
  • Jael Azani
  • Sam Bronfman
  • Sarah Landy
  • Nadav Yeglin
  • Ira Livnat
  • Adam Spielberger
  • Brent Rodgers
  • Zach Miller
  • Daniel Ginzberg
  • Adam Cohen
  • JoJo Rinzler
  • Will Tovey
  • Noah Trugman

Varsity Baseball

  • Offensive MVP: Zach Negin
  • Defensive MVP: Noah Trugman
  • Pitcher of the Year: Daniel Livnat
  • Coaches Award: Eli Katz

JV Baseball

  • Offensive MVP: Rami Fabian
  • Defensive MVP: Sammy Rubin
  • Pitcher of the Year: Jason Seagraves
  • Coaches Award: Justin Cobb

Baseball All-Region

  • Zach Negin
  • Daniel Livnat
  • Honorable Mention All-Region: Noah Trugman


  • Most Improved Golfer- Luke Schindler, Micah Abramson
  • Coaches Award- Mikey Kobrinsky

Track and Field

  • Most Valuable Athlete: Ariel Arbiv, Luke Pearlman
  • Most Improved Athlete: Josh Glass
  • Coaches Award: Zach Vexler

Varsity Tennis- Boys

  • MVP: Cole Schindler
  • Most Improved Player: Isaac Goldman
  • Coaches Award: Harris Jacobs

Varsity Tennis- Girls

  • MVP: Neri Cohen
  • Most Improved Player: Sarah Altmann
  • Coaches Award: Sarah Landy

JV Tennis

  • Coaches Award: Micah Bronfman, Talia Neufeld

Varsity Boys Soccer

  • Defensive MVP: Jordan Arbiv
  • Offensive MVP: Idan Pinhasi
  • Coaches Award: Paul Rosing
  • Most Improved Player: Eli Meyers
  • All Region First Team- Idan Pinhasi, Jordan Arbiv, Paul Rosing
  • All Region Second Team- Adam Cohen, Asher Stadler

JV Boys Soccer

  • Defensive MVP: Eli Meyers
  • Offensive MVP: Henry Alexander
  • Coaches Award: Adam Spielberger
  • Most Improved Player: Jack Toporek

Varsity Girls Soccer

  • Defensive MVP: Arielle Roth
  • Offensive MVP: Sydney Fialkow
  • Coaches Award: Chloe Lipton
  • Most Improved: Noa Grace Pollinger
  • All Region First Team: Sydney Fialkow
  • All Region Second Team: Alexa Mittleman, Alex Roth

JV Girls Soccer

  • Defensive MVP: Audrey Dorfman
  • Offensive MVP: Rachel Stinar
  • Coaches Award: Felicity Negin
  • Most Improved: Alexa Mittleman


  • Coaches Award: Molly Yoels
  • Most Improved: Sophia Scher

Female Athlete of the Year: JoJo Rinzler- Volleyball & Soccer

Male Athlete of the Year: Daniel Livnat- Basketball & Baseball

Coach of the Year: Tasha Humphrey (& Brent Rodgers)

Assistant Coach of the Year: Mario Heywood (& Isaac Goldman)

Positive Athlete Award: Micah Abramson, Track & Field

Winter Sports Senior Night


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