This is Weber: 2016-2017 Annual Report

Message from The Head of School
Sefer Kohelet, the Book of Ecclesiastes, offers us a stoic analysis of the human condition: "A generation comes and a generation goes, while the land remains forever." Does Jewish tradition as a whole identify with this notion, suggesting that our impact in the world is minimal – that as we "come and go," the places that we inhabit remain static, unchanged, and unmoved?

Or, does Jewish tradition offer us a different, more inspiring, point of view? The Rabbis of the Mishna charge us with the following: "In a place where there are no 'people,' make every effort to be a 'person.'" I maintain that rather than being static, to fulfill our role in the Jewish community and the larger society, we must reject any notion that minimizes our potential impact and engage the world with all of the intellect, creativity and courage that we can muster.
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Message from the Board President
Last spring, I had the pleasure of hearing two Weber students speak at a gathering of Weber donors. One student was a current Junior and the other an alumni attending the University of Georgia Honors Program. As I stood there listening them, I was humbled and awed as I realized the sacred nature of Weber's work. They were both very articulate, passionate and smart, but what struck me most was the depth of their characters illustrated by the work in which they were engaged and the ideals they espoused. Although Weber can't take all of the credit for the remarkable people they are, I saw, in that moment, the power and beauty of Weber's ability to combine the twin Jewish values of academic excellence and character development for young adults during the formative high school years.
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2016-2017 Report of Private Giving

Giving Category Total Giving
Unrestricted $458,849
Temporarily Restricted $14,000
Permanently Restricted $6,834
Total Gifts $521,725
ALEF Fund (state taxes - v. charitable gifts - redirected to benefit Weber) $440,014
TOTAL GIVING $1,441,422
Weber School Endowment Market Values  
The Carol Nemo Endowed Tuition Assistance Fund $265,118
The Edward Silver Endowed Memorial Tribute Fund $74,995
The Friedman Family Endowment to Support the Entrepreneurship Program $73,404
The Friends of Felicia Weber Endowed Unrestricted Fund $180,530
The Joseph Soriano Scholarship Fund $830,766

Temporarily Restricted Giving

Gardner Building Services, Inc.
Lynn and Ron Goldman
Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta
Sally and Philip Kaplan
Barbara and Ishayahu Rosenblit
Rubicon Global
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Daniel Wildstein

Permanently Restricted Giving

Mara E. Berman
Bobbi and Peter Kovner
Kathleen and Paul Neitzel
Rachel Weber and Ephraim Pelcovits
Gail Gregory
Marin Goodman
Avi and Robert Killip
Janet and Michael Seligson
Edith Wade

Unrestricted Giving

LEADERS ($5,000+)

The ARGO Family Fund
Lillie and Michael Axelrod
BB&T - Commercial Banking
Julie and Gary Blase
Sheila and Allan Bleich
James Breman z"l
Ronit Walker and Matt Bronfman
Ann and Jay Davis
Sara and Robert Franco
Halpern - Oppenheimer Philanthropic Fund
Jennifer Jones
Ann and Michael Karlin
Ann and Michael Kay
Debbie and Doug Kuniansky
Debbie and David Kurzweil
Betty and Malcolm Minsk
Morris Family Foundation, Inc.
Michael Morris
Carolyn Oppenheimer
Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg
Karen and Kenneth Rosenberg
Lori Kagan Schwarz and Herman Schwarz
Meredith and Eric Sidewater
Amy and Jeffrey Swygert
Rachel and Garrett Van de Grift
Tonia Sellers and Seth Weissman

PILLARS ($2,500-$4,9999)

The Chippie Alterman Trust
Marlene and Abe Besser
Nancy and Brad Cherson
Laura and Marshall Dinerman
Sam and Eddie Dressler
Goldie and Neil Ellman
Lynne and Jack Halpern
Rabbi Edward Harwitz
Susan and Michael Heller
Etta Raye Hirsch
The Kapiloff Foundation
Marilyn and Leslie Kelman
Christine and Mark Landy
Nancy and Mark Nelkin
Debbie Oakes
Dana and Harrison Pollinger
Judy and Shai Robkin
Deborah and Phil Rubin
Stacie and Darren Schiff
Nadine Becker and Daniel Shapiro
Anne and Paul Silver
Tamar and Mark Stern
Judy and Gary Stolovitz
Dawn and Eric Tresh
Sheri and Ronald Weiner
Sheila and Merrill Wynne
The Zaban Foundation, Inc.
Carol and Larry Cooper
Laura and Marshall Dinerman
Sara and Robert Franco
Judy Zaban

BENEFACTORS ($1,800-$2,499)

Amy and Woody Alpern
Randy Barkowitz
Brad Berman
Gita and Steve Berman
Caryn and Jonathan Berzack
Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling LLC
Leah and Theodore Blum
Melinda and Gavin Cobb
Thea and Gavin Cohen
Elizabeth Davis
Gail and Bruce Duner
Nancy and Wayne Freedman
Marjorie and Andrew Gelernter
Lisa and Sanford Gerber
Sally and Paul Ginburg
Robyn and Steven Gold
Kristan and Adam Goldfein
Lynn and Ron Goldman
Ellen and Paul Goldstein
Jack Greene
Donna and Irvin Grossman
Michelle Horesh
Deborah and Louis Jacobs
Sharon Neulinger and Richard Kaplan
Shari and Steve Kasten
Michelle and Charlie Kauss
Janis and Harold Kirtz
Marcie and Barry Koffler
Kimberly and Richard Kopelman
Camille Holubar and Andrew Krantz
Suzanne Simkin and Howard Krinsky
Cheryl and Michael Lipton
Laura and Jeffrey Marcus
Charlotte and Joel Marks
Alli and Billy Medof
Jody and Eric Nathan
Kathleen and Paul Neitzel
Tracy and Greg Orenstein
Dori and Michael Perling
Robin and David Perlis
Ellen Arnovitz and Michael Plasker
Susan and Jay Polokoff
Lisa Galanti and Hal Rabinowitz
Barbra and Phillip Rosing
Carole and Marc Salzberg
Jodi and David Schiff
Marcia and Michael Schwarz
David Seiden
Yaarit and Ian Silverstone
Cheryl and Paul Simonoff
Elaine and Irvin Skopp
Kerry and Marvin Solomiany
Ellen and Philip Spandorfer
Robyn and Martin Tanenbaum
Roni and Arthur Tillem
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts Program
Angie Wildstein
Sherri and Robert Wildstein
Elana and Matthew Yoels
Allan Zachariah
Ellen and Joseph Zarge

SUSTAINERS ($1,000-$1,799)

Amy and Robert Arogeti
Henry Birnbrey
Jessica and Jeffrey Brown
Anne and Jeff Denneen
Merrie and Bruce Edelston
Arlene and Stanley Ferman
Viki and Paul Freeman
Ceci Friedman
Diane and Stanley Friedman
Lynn and Murray Friedman
Robin and Darrin Friedrich
Elizabeth and Gregory Glass
Gayle and Eric Goldstein
Lynn and Brian Gordon
Anat and Brian Granath
Margery and Stephen Greenspan
Eydie and Steve Koonin
Barbara Krinsky
David Kuniansky
Valerie and Matthew Levin
Bev and Marc Lewyn
Sherry and Steven Marks
Caren and Michael Merlin
Betty Meyers
Donna and Todd Neidorf
Pola and Israel Nelkin
Gail and Hilton Nowitz
Lynn and Mario Oves
Julie and Mitchell Paull
Ruth and Mark Rosenberg
Glen Rubin
Karen and Craig Senft
Tobyanne and Arnold Sidman
Caryn Hanrahan and Andy Siegel
Sydelle and Irwin Silberman
Julie and George Stanwick
Cheryl Hecht and Leonard Thurschwell
Jeanette and Nathan Tieman
Renie and Alan Weinstein
Maureen Cowie and David Weiss

PATRONS ($500-$999)

Sandy and Dave Abrams
Cara and Peter Abramson
Ilene and Andy Albert
Judy Alembik
Jeannine and Aaron Altmann
Cathy and Mark Berman
Michelle and Jay Botwinick
Nicole Brite
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Miriam Seidband Cole and Stephen Cole
Shelley and Neil Cooper
Amy and Jonathan Deutsch
Jill and Ivan Diamond
Beth Tieman-Feldstein and Jeff Feldstein
Yifat and Gil Friedman
Jodi and Jonathan Ginsberg
Laurie and Rabbi Brian Glusman
Julie and Samuel Gold
Jacqueline and Alan Granath
Libby Harwitz
Mazal and Issak Hayut
Jackson Healthcare
Harold and Felicia Kadis Family Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Fredricka and Philip Kahn
Carrie and Samuel Kaplan
Susan and Michael La Kier
Karen and Steven Leff
Berna and Noah Levine
Ariella and Jonathan Livnat
Marjorie and Edward Marlowe
Eva and Steven Mendel
Mickie and Mark Merlin
Glenda and David Minkin
Ann and Max Olim
Stephen Oppenheimer
Hilly and Gerry Panovka
Barbara and Martin Pollock
Helene and Mark Popowski
Norma Postnieks
Zippi and Paul Reisman
Leslie and Arthur Reitman
Jodi and Timothy Roberts
Debbie and Jody Rosen
Amy and Jeremy Rosenberg
Hillary Saban
Joslin LeBauer and David Sarnat
Alison and Jason Schneider
Janet and Michael Seligson
Linda and Leonard Sherman
Sandi and Cary Sherman
Mona Shuman
Karen and Andrew Stearns
Lisa Stinar
Amy Taratoot
Natalie and Seth Toporek
Cathy and Seth Trugman
Shlaina Van Dyke
Pam and Adam Vexler
Renee and Searle Videlefsky
Beth and Andrew Warner
Amanda and Danny Westheimer
Randi and Mitchell Williams
Lauri and Ken Winkler
Julie-Anne and Jeremy Wohlberg

SUPPORTERS ($360-$499)

Rabbi Ruth and David Abusch-Magder
Julie and Karl Altmann
Rise Arkin
Dolores and Harold Arnovitz
Alison and David Barrack
Melissa and Michael Bernstein
Tracie and Rabbi Michael Bernstein
Charolotte and Harold Black
Susan and Jeff Brickman
Sheli and Sam Feldman
Marianne and Alan Fixelle
Global Payments, Inc.
Alice Goldfarb
Sharon Goldhar
Rabbi Pamela and David Gottfried
Ally and Jonathan Habif
Karen and Michael Himmelstein
Carol and Bruce Hoffman
Leonard Kagan
Rabbis Analia Bortz and Mario Karpuj
Faith and Howard Levy
Susan and David Levy
Nancy and Jeffrey Miller
Julie and Rabbi Steven Rau
Ruth Rauzin
Cheryl and Stan Shapiro
Gabrielle and Todd Starr
Temple Sinai
Yvette and Harris Tessler
Michelle and Rick Young

FRIENDS ($1 - $359)

Bev and Stewart Aaron Jeffrey Goldberg Lynne Rabinowitz
JoAnne Abernathy Kevin Goldberg Tracey and Danny Rabinowitz
Stephanie and Marshall Abes Sally and Charles Goldgeier Carol and Steve Raeber
Julie and David Abes Ellen and Michael Goldin Sheryl and Michael Rechtman
Vera and Alex Abramova Hershene and Alan Goldman Amy and Jay Rein
Elinor and Eli Abravanel Doris and Martin Goldstein Rochelle and Marshall Reses
Cindy and Mark Alberhasky Elizabeth Goodman Herschel Revzin
Dana and Mark Anderson Ilene and Adrian Grant Keith Rinzler
Susan Apolinsky Susan Glatt and Marc Greenberg Amy Ripans
Tina and Jake Arbes Vicki Greenberg Spencer Roby
Marla Arbiv Karen and Jimmy Grinzaid Olivia Rocamora
Shari and Thomas Ariail Sherie and Arthur Gumer Alyza and Kevin Rodgers
Svetlana and Igor Arkhipov Renee Halperin Nicole Rodriguez
Dorita and Hal Arnold Betsy Halpern Tanya and Ed Rosenblatt
Nanci and David Aronstein Debra and Harold Halpern Marsha Rosing
Assurant Matching Gifts Program Tamar and Guy Harari Rachel and Noah Roth
Cherie and Gary Aviv Ellen Zucrow and Bobby Harris Susan and Howard Rothman
Louise Short and Joel Axler Deborah and Sanford Hartman Rachel Rothstein
Anonymous Amy and David Helberg Sheila and Martin Rotter
Marlene and Shaltiel Bachar Janice and Chaim Hellmann Corrine Rousso
Ellen and Sam Banov Leigh Herman Sue and Gary Saban
Lois and Jay Barcus Shirley Michalove and Arthur Heyman Sandy and Alan Saltzman
Rachel Barich Michele and Jeffrey Howard Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler
John Barich Nancy Howard Amy Saunders
Judie Barkan Lauren Hulsebos-Johnson Beth and Chris Schafer
Roslyn Barkowitz Michal Ilai and Julie R. Glasson Linda and Abe Schear
Leslie and John Benator Beth and Craig Intro Maxine and Jonathan Schein
Ann Snyder and Sam Benator Betty and Richard Isenberg Judy and Josef Scher
Michael P. Bennett Samantha Jacobs Gloria and Stan Schwartz
Leslie Beringer Amy and Scott Jacobson Sheila and Stanley Schwartz
Shirley Beringer Jayne and James Jacoby Jason Schwarz
Susan Feig and Richard Berlin Deborah K. Ellinger and Philip T. Johnson Kayla Schwarz
Sarah Berlin Sheryl and Bruce Jones Karen and Scott Seagraves
Lois and Donald Berman Lila Josephson Sheila and Gerald Sear
Aviva Berman Caryn Lobel and Stephen Kagan Rona and Barry Seidel
Lauralee and Steve Bernstein Nancy Kassel Kerry and Enrique Seir
Selma and Jerry Bernstein Steven Katz Mark Settles
Andrea Jaron and Larry Bircoll Suellen and Richard Katz Tessa and Gary Shaban
Joanne and Eddie Birnbrey Douglas Kaye Amy and Michael Shafron
Alisa and David Bittner Melissa and Rabbi Paul Kerbel Alice Shapiro
Barbara and Ron Bloomberg Kalpana Kini Robert Shapiro
Zoya Ilyavayeva and Alex Borukhov Wendy and David Klarman Bonita Shelton
Rita and Randy Botnick Orly Klein David Shepro
William S. Bradford Barbara and William Klineman Allison Sherrill
Linda and Richard Bressler Laura Klingensmith Carol and Julius Sherwinter
Vicki Stern-Brown and John Brown Jodi and Mark Kobrinsky Joanie and Lewis Shubin
Jill and James Burns Gail and Myron Kodner Nancy Sokolove and Elihu Siegman
Rita and Fred Chaiken Frances and Herbert Kohn Rachelle and Barry Simon
Ellen and Michael Chalef Stacey and Mitchell Kopelman Michelle and Gary Simon
Michael Chalmers Wendy and Les Kraitzick Robin and Jason Singer
Holly Chesser Rena and Len Kramer Corinne Skott
Linda and Steven Citron Lori Krasner Andrea Seidel Slomka and Howie Slomka
Riley Clark Sharon and Scott Kraun Sandy and Michael Slomka
Renee and Roy Cobb Sharon and Jacob Kuttner Rabbi Moshe Sokol
Jane and Mark Cohen Doris and Earl La Kier Debbie and Stan Sonenshine
Shirley and Stanley Cohen Michelle and Stuart Langer Rochelle Spandorfer
Drew Cohen Law Offices of Stanley M. Lefco, P.C. Jill and Craig Spector
Deborah and Ronald Cohn Diane Lechter Lee Spielberger
Pablo Colombini Susan and Ron Lee Chere Stadler
Sally and Samuel Coolik Bundi and Larry Lefkoff Stephanie and Sergio Stadler
Jodi and Kenneth Danis Michelle and Robert Leven Carrie and Allan Stein
Wendy and Gary Dichtenberg Renay and Alan Levenson Sylvia and Koby Stein
Barbara and Barry Dolin Meryl and Richard Levitt Shari and Jay Steinberg
Rita and Ronald Dressler Alane and Andrew Levy Deborah and Kenneth Stoltz
Denise and Isaac Edelstein Cindy and Rabbi Shalom Lewis Fay Tenenbaum z"l
Lori and Todd Edlin Terry Liebowitz Jan and Terry Tenenbaum
Jan and Warren Epstein Sandra and Bob London Chana and Michael Terushkin
Eileen and Chris Esworthy Rita and William Loventhal The Bush Centre for Ballet
Ceil and Mark Euster Jennifer and Doron Lubinsky The Walt Disney Company
Cecelia and Sterling Euster Jennifer Glazer Malkin Philanthropic Fund Robin and Evan Torch
FACTS Tuition Management Dora and Flavio Manela Gail Foorman and Craig Tovey
Toby and David Fagin Charlotte and Joseph Marcus Sheri and Richard Trugman
Monty Faidley Weezie and Mark Margolis Helene and Stuart Tuck
Mildred and Gerald Feig Connie and Mort Mazer Mariann Mamberg and Bruce Turiansky
Judith and Edward Feldstein Sherry and Harry Maziar Susan and William Usdan
Beverly Fermon Rebecca and Michael McCullough Sophie and Sorin Vainer
Stacy and Emanuel Fialkow Suzanne McNulty Ronnie Van Gelder
Stella and Stanford Firestone Charlie McQuade Arlene Vandroff
Amanda and Howard Fish Ruth and Larry Menter Gail and Frank Vexler
Harriet and David Fisher Karin and Brad Miehl Voya Financial
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Fleischer Cheryl and Marc Miller JoEllen and Roger Warner
Kimberly and Jason Foodman Denise and Neal Miller Julie and David Weiser
Vicki and Spencer Fox Herbie Miller Ann Ruth and Richard Wilck
Marian and Steven Fraley Sheila and Donald Minsk Corie and Alan Wilensky
Leslie and Paul Franco Carol and Michael Mittel Orna Willis
Jody and Ramon Franco David Moore Bernice Winkler
Sherry Frank Barbara and Mark Murovitz Laura and Jeffrey Winston
Anonymous Carrie and Ron Negin Roslyn Winston
Donna and Joel Freedman Carol and Robert Nemo Anne and Robert Wiskind
Sheri Frieder Ori Nesher Judith and Jeffrey Wohlberg
Lisa and Mark Friedman Northwestern Mutual Foundation - Matching Gifts Program Judy D. Wolman
Janet Schatten and Richard Friedman Lisanne and Paul Nozick Diana and Robert Wright
Helene and Benny Gabai Allison and Leonard Olim Ofra Yeglin
Charlene and Irwin Galanti Mona and Howard Osterman Beckye and Joseph Young
Stephanie and Barry Gang Jamie Kaye Judith and Fred Young
Ada Gelb Caroline Pace Ronita and Yaron Zaken
Ross Gelfand Linda and Marc Parmet Rachel and Arthur Zebrak
Gene Germanovich Van Pearlberg, Deputy Attorney General Ilene and Steven Zier
Maxene and Marvin Gillman Heather and Jeff Pearlman Sheldon Zimmerman
Lori and Edward Gillman Deborah and Steven Perlow Ellyse and Warren Zindler
Celia and Donald Gilner Barbara and Arnold Podber Jennifer Zindler
Jessica and Jonathan Ginburg Regina and Larry Pollinger Adrienne and Ben Zinn
Laurie and David Ginburg Tracey and Gary Port Beverly and Morris Zoblotsky
Meital and Lior Ginzberg Joy Prince Melanie and Scott Zucker
Gloria and Fred Glusman Amalia and John Quegan Barbara Zucrow
Rachael and Steven Goldberg Linda and Irvin Rabinowitz  
Faith Goldberg Lydia and Paul Rabinowitz

Gifts In Kind
Ken Fenster
Diane Wulfsohn and Rabbi Scott Saulson

ALEF Fund Contributors

Peter Aaron Beth and Jeffrey Feldstein Richard Kopelman Mindy and Yoram Rubanenko
Barbara and Arthur Abbey Caren and Steven Fetter Andrew Krantz Phillip Rubin
Stephanie and Marshall Abes Amanda and Howard Fish Suzanne Simkin-Krinsky and Howard Krinsky Glen Rubin
Ruth A and David Abusch-Magder Alan and Marianne Fixelle Douglas Kuniansky Alan and Sandy Saltzman
Diane and Kent Alexander Leslie and Paul Franco Debbie and David Kurzweil Marc Salzberg
Sari and Randy Alifeld Sara Franco Susan and Michael La Kier Susan and Neil Sandler
Jeannine and Aaron Altmann Samuel Jason and Elana Frank Leon and Sharyn Lane Joslin and David Sarnat
Karl Altmann Adam Freeman Andrew Lechter Diane and Scott Saulson
Anonymous Mildred Freeman Steven and Janice Levetan David Schiff
Anonymous Cecelia Friedman Morton Levey Jason Schneider
Anonymous Lisa and Mark Friedman Anthony and Deborah Levinson Jodi and Edwin Schwartz
Anonymous Tamar and Mark Friedman Meryl and Richard Levitt Ellen and Eric Schwartz
Anonymous Yifat and Gil Friedman Brenda and Alan Lewis Steve Schwartz
Anonymous Diane and Stanley Friedman Joel Libowsky Lori Kagan-Schwarz and Herman Schwarz
Marla Arbiv Charlene and Irwin Galanti Sharon and Scott Lieberman Deborah and Gregory Schwarz
Shari and Thomas Ariail Nancy Galanti Michael Lipton Marcia Schwarz
Svetlana and Igor Arkhipov Janet and Randy Galanti Jonathan and Ariella Livnat Michael Schwarz
Rise Arkin Ronald Galanti Dora and Flavio Manela Beth Seidel
James Arogeti Stephanie and Barry Gang Jeffrey Marcus Kerry and Enrique Seir
Sarah Arogeti Denise and Spencer Gelernter Charlotte and Joel Marks Mary Seitz
Erica and Don Aronin Sanford Gerber Sherry and Steven Marks Michael Seligson
Karen and Seth Asher Robyn F. Spizman and Edwin S. Gerson Sari Marmur Chery and Stanton Shapiro
Lillie and Michael Axelrod Lori and Edward Gillman Deborah and Glenn Maron Daniel Shapiro
Richard Babush Sally and Paul Ginburg Allison and William Medof Howard and Faith Shatzman
Marlene and Shaltiel Bachar Caroline and Daniel Ginburg David and Dana Meline Joel Axler and Louise Short
Jennifer Bachar Bennett Ginburg JoLynn and H. Stephen Merlin Joan and Lewis Shubin
Lois and Jay Barcus Caron and Michael Gindi Sara and Stuart Meyers Marilyn and Joshua Shubin
Rachel Barich Rona and Jerry Ginsberg Morris Miehl Mona Shuman
Randy Barkowitz Elizabeth and Gregory Glass Mark Miller Helaine and Michael Shuster
Robert and Nancy Baron Michal Ilai and Julie Glasson John Miller Meredith and Eric Sidewater
Barbara and Howard Baron Brian and Laurie Glusman Neal Miller Tobyanne and Arnold Sidman
Alison B. Drake and David Barrack Julie and Samuel Gold Jonathan Mittleman Andy N. Siegel
Marina Alejandro-Bay and Scot Bay Steven Gold Ravona and Kenneth Molkner Lisa and Gary Siegel
Judith and Stan Beiner Faith M and Jeffrey Goldberg Theresa and David Moore Cheryl and Paul Simonoff
Deborah and Bruce Benator Lynn and Ronald Goldman Belinda Morris Marvin and Kerry Solomiany
Nathalie and Ken Beringer Ellen and Paul Goldstein Timothy R. Settimi and Cheryl L. Myrbo Lora and Jason Sommer
Steve and Gita Berman Bertha and Brian Gordon Jody and Eric Nathan Sherri and Morris Soriano
Mark Berman Nancy and Randy Gorod Carrie and Ronald Negin Ellen and Philip Spandorfer
Brad Berman Cathy P. and Alan J. Gottlieb Bonnie Negrin Jill and Craig Spector
Brent Bernath Anat D. and Brian R. Granath G. Paul and E. Kathleen Neitzel Gabrielle and Todd Starr
Lauralee and Steve Bernstein Lala and Jack Greene Robert Nemo Betsy and Aryeh Stein
Llaurie and Sidney Besmertnik Jacqueline and Gary Greenhood Carol B. Nemo Linda and Steven Steinberg
Karen and David Birnbrey Emily and Jeffrey Grosoff Lisanne and Paul Nozick Mark Stern
David Scot Bittner Donna Becker-Grossman and Irvin Grossman Allison and Leonard Olim Tamar Stern
Leah and Theodore Blum Arthur Gumer Stephen Oppenheimer Judith Nechamkin and Gary Stolovitz
Jennifer Stark-Blumenthal and Jeffrey Blumenthal Nancy Gup Carolyn Oppenheimer Jill J. and Laurence A. Stoumen
Rita and Randy Botnick Joshua Guss Gregory and Tracey Orenstein Wayne Suway
Jay Botwinick Alexandra and Isaac Habif Mark and Cynthia Overbye Michelle Swislow
Michelle Botwinick Robert Habif Mario Oves Amy and Jeffrey Swygert
Sara Boucchechter Debra and Harold Halpern Wendy Pakula Tillie and Albert Tenenbaum
John and Cory Boydston Ben Halpert Gail and Stephen Palte Susan and Stanley Tenenbaum
Susan and Jeffrey Brickman Tamar Amar and Guy Harari Hilly and Morris Gerald Panovka Yvette and Harris Tessler
Arlene and Harvey Brightman Deborah and Sanford Hartman Marc and Linda Parmet Cheryl Hecht-Thurschwell and Leonard Thurschwell
Ronit and Matt M. Bronfman Edward Harwitz Julie and Mitchell Paull Roni and Arthur Tillem
Gavin and Beth Halpern Brown Lisa Haynor Elana and Simcha Pearl Seth Toporek
Carolyn and Jeffrey Budd Michael Heller Heather and Jeffrey Pearlman Sophie and Sorin Vainer
Steven Cadranel Karen and Michael Himmelstein Michael Perling Adam and Pam Vexler
Bich Ngoc Nguyen and Emmanuel Carrier Etta Raye Hirsch Pauline and Louis Perlis Renee and Searle Videlefsky
Claudia and Claudia Charyton Michelle Horesh Robin and David Perlis Neill Videlefsky
Susan and David Chase Pearlann and Gerald Horowitz Barbara Perlis Michael Voynich
Melinda and Gavin Cobb Judith Horowitz Lois and Norman Plotkin Janie Walker
Tova and Mark Cohen Mindy and Jack Hyman Lynn Podber John F and Mindy Fleisher Ward
Lisa and Sherman Cohen Beth and Craig Intro Helene and Mark Popowski Andrew and Beth Warner
Neal Cohen Louis and Deborah Jacobs Lisa Galanti and Hal Rabinowitz Harriet and Paul Weinberg
Gavin Cohen Jennifer and Kenneth Joel Sarah Popowski Ronald Weiner
Stephen and Miriam Cole Kent and Michelle Jones Lydia and Paul Rabinowitz Sherri and Robert Wildstein
Rachelle and Neil Cooper Carrie and Samuel Kaplan Dara and Daniel Redler Pamela and Jack Williams
Jodi and Kenneth Danis Ann and Michael Karlin Amy and Jay Rein Mitchell Williams
Anne and Jeffrey Denneen Analia Bortz and Mario Karpuj Arthur and Leslie Reitman Lauri and Kenneth Winkler
Irina and Daniel Dressler Abby Bechler-Karsch and Robert Karsch Barbara and Bruce Ribner Randall and Carol Winkler
Edward Dressler Shari and Steven Kasten Keith Rinzler Jeffrey Winston
Sara and Marshall Duke Paul Kastin Denise Mclaughlin and Michael Robinowitz Roslyn Winston
Bruce and Gail Duner Steven Katz Judy and Shai Robkin Stephen A. Winter
Jane Durham Laura Biddle and Barry Kaufman Kevin and Alyza Rodgers Julie-Anne and Jeremy Wohlberg
Bruce and Merrie Edelston Ann and Michael Kay Debbie and Jody Rosen Elana and Matthew Yoels
Robert M. Eisenband Douglas Kaye Dulcy D. and Herbert J. Rosenberg Alison and Allan Zachariah
Steven Eisenberg Janis and Harold Kirtz Jeremy Rosenberg Benjamin Zachariah
Janice and Richard Ellin Meredith and Alan Kitey Estellle Bank and Michael Rosenzweig Daniel Zaken
Angela and Ralph Ellis Wendy and David Klarman Rachel and Noah Roth Ronnie and Howard Zandman
Elisheva and Elie Engler Robyn and Jeffrey Klugman Robert T. and Leslie Rothberg Joseph and Ellen Zarge
Ceil and Mark Euster Mark and Jodi Kobrinsky Adina and Clive Rothenberg Rachel and Arthur Zebrak
Toby and David Fagin Marcie G. and Barry A. Koffler Steven Rothschild Connie and Robert Zerden
Elissa and Stephen Falkenstein Laurie and Michael Kogon Jill and Paul Rothstein Ellyse and Warren Zindler
Samuel and Sheli Feldman Steven and Eydie Koonin Brian Rothstein  
Edward and Judith Feldstein Jared Kopelman Rachel Rothstein