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Your Impact is Everywhere

Through your investment in The Weber Fund, your impact is woven throughout the Weber experience, allowing us to guide our students to become knowledgeable, socially conscious, confident, responsible, and curious Jewish adults.

On campus, in our classrooms, with our faculty, on our fields, and in our students' lives, your support brings the Weber mission to life by helping us invest richly in our students, faculty, curriculum, programming, and overall facilities and resources in the following ways:



Providing tuition assistance to  all students who meet admissions criteria and desire a Weber education, on a secure campus under the guidance of the Sandy Springs Police.


Providing a robust learning environment by supporting professional development for our faculty during the school year and summer programs.


Supporting resources for emerging programs, unique areas of interest, and  "Only at Weber" curriculum and co-curriculars to meet our students' evolving needs.


Investing in the success of and participation in our global immersion education programs that connect students to Jewish culture in Israel, Poland, Spain, and Cuba.

Increasing health/wellness programming with critical student and parent programs that focus on mental health, student safety, healthy relationships, safe driving, and more.

Providing for student leadership development opportunities such as Model UN, Rams for Israel, and Peer Leadership, as well as grade level social development programs.

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