Weber Fund Contributors

Weber Fund Contributors as of July 31, 2022

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  • Leaders $5,000+

    The ARGO Family Fund
    Julie Blase
    Ronit Walker and Matt Bronfman
    Erin and Lance Chernow
    The Cohen-Kogon Charitable Fund, Inc
    Ann and Jay Davis
    Sara and Seth Force
    Robin and Darrin Friedrich
    Sally and Philip Kaplan
    Ann and Michael Karlin
    Ann and Michael Kay
    Rennette and Byron Kopman
    Debbie and Doug Kuniansky
    Vanessa and Adam Leibowitz
    Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation
    Nancy and Mark Nelkin
    Carol and Robert Nemo
    Jessica and Christopher Oberkfell
    Carolyn Oppenheimer
    Aileen and Jeffrey Robison
    Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg
    Louise and Edwin Rothberg
    Linda  and Stephen Selig
    Vicky and Jeff Sloan
    Kerri and Jeffrey Snow
    Jeffrey Stein
    Rachel and Garrett Van de Grift
    Jennie and Michael Voynich
    The Zaban Foundation, Inc.
    The Zalik Foundation

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  • Pillars $2,500-4,999

    Sari and Randy Alifeld
    Brad Berman
    Mindy and Warren Binderman
    Lily and Robert Bock
    Thea and Gavin Cohen
    Justine and Andre Cohen
    Margo and Doug Diamond
    Dressler's Funeral Care
    Stacey and David Fisher
    Sally and Paul Ginburg
    Angie and Jon Goldman
    Lynn and Brian Gordon
    Anat and Brian Granath
    Sandi and Scott Greenfield
    Carey and Jason Guggenheim
    The  Halpern-Oppenheimer Family Foundation, Inc.
    Etta Raye Hirsch
    Stacey and Trevor Horwitz
    Lori Kagan Schwarz and Herman Schwarz
    Michelle and Charlie Kauss
    Eydie and Steve Koonin
    Kimberly and Richard Kopelman
    Mark Kopkin
    Jennifer and Randy Korach
    Jason and Lorra Kurtz
    Debbie and David Kurzweil
    Natasha and Errol Lebowitz
    Simone and Kevin Levingston
    Betsy and Michael Levy
    Cheryl and Michael Lipton
    Tamara and Brian Mand
    Charlotte and Joel Marks
    Lisa and Brad May
    Alli and Billy Medof
    Julie and Dan Moradi
    Leslie and Ted Moradi
    Morgan Stanley Gift Fund
    Daniella and Serge Ouanounou
    Jennifer and Jason Parker
    Eileen and David Price
    Ethel and Bob Reznik
    Judy and Shai Robkin
    Jocelyn and Joseph Schultz
    Tracy and Brian Seitz
    Tonia Sellers and Seth Weissman
    Anne and Paul Silver
    Tamar and Mark Stern
    Judy and Gary Stolovitz
    Marilyn and Rabbi Donald Tam
    Lisa and Evan Toporek
    Leslie and Fred Wachter
    Heather Weiner and Kevin Berman
    Sheri and Ronald Weiner
    Hylda Wilson

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  • Benefactors $2,000-2,499

    Amy and Robert Arogeti
    Michael Axelrod
    Gita and Steve Berman
    Caryn and Jonathan Berzack
    Marlene Besser
    Birnbrey, Minsk, Minsk & Perling LLC
    Cindy and Gil Burstiner
    Felissa and Josh Covin
    Vanessa and Isaac Frank
    Andrea and Gerry Goldklang
    Ellen Goldstein
    Jack Greene
    Irvin Grossman
    Deedee and Marc Hamburger
    Rabbi Edward Harwitz
    Wendy and Rabbi Joshua Heller
    Deborah and Louis Jacobs
    Sharon Neulinger and Richard Kaplan
    Janis and Harold Kirtz
    Sherry and Steven Marks
    Carrie and Michael Marx
    Johanna and Rabbi Hillel Norry
    Lisanne and Paul Nozick
    Ellen Arnovitz and Michael Plasker
    Elana and Anthony Ress
    Karen and Craig Senft
    Sheila and Merrill Wynne
    Elana and Matthew Yoels

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  • Sustainers $1,000-1,999

    Jeannine and Aaron Altmann
    Jimmy and Kira Baron
    Debbie and Andrew Bauman
    Cathy and Mark Berman
    The Coca-Cola Foundation
    Sheila and Mark Cohen
    Phyllis and Allen Crowell
    Laura and Michael Drucker
    Sara Boucchechter-Fabian and Tsur Fabian
    Elissa and Jordan Fladell
    Sara and Robert Franco
    Nancy and Wayne Freedman
    Lisa Galanti and Hal Rabinowitz
    Marjorie and Andrew Gelernter
    Gill Family Foundation
    Lynn and Ron Goldman
    Murray Goldman
    Ann and Marvin Goldstein
    Debbie and Ryan Jacobs
    Betty and Louis Kalish
    Patty and Neil Kaplowitz
    Carole and Sid Kirschner
    Marcie and Barry Koffler
    Linda and Kerry Landis
    Ann Levin
    Robin and Phillip Medintz
    Jolynn and Stephen Merlin
    Kathleen and Paul Neitzel
    Cari and Jonathan Newman
    Gail and Hilton Nowitz
    Julie and Rabbi Steven Rau
    Heather and Devon Rifkin
    Marcia and Michael Schwarz
    Nadine Becker and Daniel Shapiro
    Cheryl and Stan Shapiro
    Sandi and Cary Sherman
    Caryn Hanrahan and Andy Siegel
    Cheryl Hecht and Leonard Thurschwell
    Jeanette and Nathan Tieman
    Michael and Brigette Ulin
    Andrea and Neill Videlefsky
    Loren and Philip West
    Amy and Brent Wolkin
    Lorena and Sanford Zatcoff

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  • Patrons $500-999

    Sandy and Dave Abrams
    Galit and Michael Allemeier
    Dana and Mark Anderson
    Nikki and Michael Aronin
    Jenna and Howard Aronowitz
    Lillie Axelrod
    Gail and Dennis Bates
    Dina Fuchs and Todd Beresin
    Berman Capital Advisors
    Lilach and Dror Bezalel
    Dikla Birnbaum
    Michelle and Jay Botwinick
    Nicole Brite
    Nancy Cameron
    Nancy and Brad Cherson
    Miriam Seidband Cole and Stephen Cole
    Andrea and Marc Cordover
    Jill and Ivan Diamond
    Gail and Bruce Duner
    Stephanie and Marc Effron
    Michelle Epstein
    Arlene and Stanley Ferman
    Robert Force
    Lois and Laurence Frank
    Lynn Friedman
    Elayne and Ron Gabbai
    Jodi and Jonathan Ginsberg
    Robyn and Steven Gold
    Ed Goldberg
    Alice Goldfarb
    Irving and Adele Greenspon
    Heike Greenspon
    Carrie and Samuel Kaplan
    Suzanne Krause-Keil and Dave Keil
    Susan and Michael La Kier
    Stacy Levin
    Berna and Noah Levine
    Lindsay and Darryl Lewis
    Lisa and Jay Liban
    Karen Malter
    Nicole and Gilad Markus
    Shelley Milakofsky
    Michelle and Jon Mittleman
    Ellen and Jeffrey Nemhauser
    Stephen Oppenheimer
    Alexandra and Michael Palgon
    Hilly Panovka
    Elana Zimand and Sim Pearl
    Dori and Michael Perling
    Annette and Jack Rau
    Allison Redisch
    Leslie Retter and Nelly Mizrahi
    Robin and Bert Rosenthal
    Carol and Joseph Rubin
    Rhonda and David Rusnak
    Carole and Marc Salzberg
    Jody Goldfarb and Owen Samuels
    Schwab Charitable
    Rona and Barry Seidel
    Betty Seitz
    Janet and Michael Seligson
    Lauren and Jason Sheffield
    Tobyanne and Arnold Sidman
    Elaine Silver and Dave Levine
    Suzanne and Donald Silverman
    Celia and Murray Solomon
    Ellen and Philip Spandorfer
    Kim and Nicholas Sucan
    Dawn and Eric Tresh
    Julia and Victor Vaysman
    Renee and Searle Videlefsky
    Amanda and Danny Westheimer
    Barbara and Frank Wilensky
    Rabbi Jeffrey and Judith Wohlberg

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  • Supporters $360-499

    Cecile Bock
    Lynne and Edward Canter
    Lauri and Alan Cohen
    Shelley and Neil Cooper
    Amy and Jonathan Deutsch
    Merrie Edelston
    Dana and Lawrence Freiman
    Beth and Jared Friedman
    Rosalind Fuchs
    Jodi Fleisig amd Moti Gabay
    Gene Germanovich
    Debra and Harold Halpern
    Karen and Michael Himmelstein
    Jeffrey and Julie Leavitt
    Diane Lechter
    Susan and David Levy
    Sandra and Bob London
    Barbara and Mark Murovitz
    Mike Nance
    Mandy and Bradley Rappoport
    Amy and Jay Rein
    Michelle Robinovitz

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  • Friends $1-359

    Rabbi Ruth and David Abusch-Magder
    Solomon and Arline Agin
    Stanley Alhadeff
    Marla Arbiv
    Rise Arkin
    Wendy and Harold Asher
    Cherie and Gary Aviv
    Louise Short and Joel Axler
    Terri and Laurence Bagen
    Ellen Balk
    Ellen and Sam Banov
    Judith Barkan
    Linda and Bruce Beeber
    Susan Feig and Richard Berlin
    Douglas Berlinsky
    Aviva Berman
    Tracie and Michael Bernstein
    Rashelle and Jeremy Berry
    The Blackbaud Giving Fund
    Diane and Barry Blondheim
    Shirley and Perry Brickman
    Dara and Jason Brody
    Nikki Canter
    Rita and Fred Chaiken
    Celia Chase
    Leah Chase
    Danielle and Jason Cohen
    Haila Cohen
    Carol and Julius Cohen
    Julie Crow
    Sheldon and Pamela Devins
    Elisa and Aaron Diamant
    Amy Diamant
    Wendy and Gary Dichtenberg
    Jessica and Matthew Dickson
    Gail and Mark Dryburgh
    Denise Edelstein
    Toby and David Fagin
    Edward Feldstein
    Beverly Fermon
    Cheryl  and Edward Finkel
    Amanda and Howard Fish
    Marianne and Alan Fixelle
    Jordan Forman
    Wendy and Joel Fox
    Gilda and Philip Franklyn
    Sheva and Yisrael Frenkel
    Ceci Friedman
    Gloria Frisch
    Helene and Benny Gabai
    Ada Gelb
    Matthew Geller
    Laurie and Rabbi Brian Glusman
    Mindy and Rodney Godwin
    Helen and Lawrence Goldman
    Doris and Martin Goldstein
    Laurie and Jay Goldstein
    Shelley and Marcus Gordon
    Alan Granath
    Ilene and Adrian Grant
    Tamara and Derrick Greenberg
    Mara Grosswald
    Michelle Heinzmann
    Janice and Chaim Hellmann
    Gladys Hirsch
    Stephanie Hoffman
    Liliach and Shachar Ilan
    Betty and Richard Isenberg
    Herb and Elise Jacobs
    Don and Dianne Jaslow
    Ellyn Jeager
    Caryn Lobel and Stephen Kagan
    Rhalda Kahn
    Charlotte and Allen Kaminsky
    The  Kapiloff Foundation
    Ann and Theodore Kaplan
    Tilda Kaplan
    Stacey and Ari Katz
    Nancy Katz
    Melissa and Rabbi Paul Kerbel
    Avi and Robert Killip
    Meredith and Alan Kitey
    Joyce Kitey
    Orly Klein
    Barbara and William Klineman
    Jodi and Mark Kobrinsky
    Elaine and Alan Kolodkin
    Rob Kuropatwa
    David Lambert
    Thomas Lambert
    Wendy and Stuart Leaf
    Carrie Leavitt
    Brad and Rebecca Levenberg
    Janice and Steven Levetan
    Leslie and Stacey Levine
    Kenneth and Sandra Levy
    Bev and Marc Lewyn
    Susan and David Lips
    Debbie Ognibene and Joel Lobel
    Rita and William Loventhal
    Leslie Lubell
    Melanie and Brian Mailman
    Shelly and Martin Mand
    Arlene and Steven Marcus
    Peggy and Seth Marcus
    Charlotte and Joseph Marcus
    Elise and Maury Margol
    Betty Ann and Hilbert Margol
    Bonita and Charles May
    Sherry and Harry Maziar
    Rebecca and Michael McCullough
    Gail and Butch Medwed
    Marla and Eric Medwed
    Audrey and Samuel Meline
    Ruth and Larry Menter
    Merck Partnership For Giving
    Gloria Miller
    Pamela Brill and Marc Miller
    Herbie Miller
    Carol and Michael Mittel
    Robert Tourial and Robin Mittleman
    Cheryl Myrbo
    Raina and Benjamin Nadler
    Ellen Nadler
    Leigh and Mathew Nathan
    Ivan Nathan
    Alan and Phylis Newman
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation - Matching Gifts Program
    Dana and Todd Parker
    Linda and Marc Parmet
    Anne and Morris Podber
    Marilyn Presser
    Linda and Irvin Rabinowitz
    Victoria and Derric Raggs
    Sheryl and Michael Rechtman
    Joanne and John Reicher
    Zippi and Paul Reisman
    Esty and Daniel Richman
    Amy and Jeremy Rosenberg
    Kimery and Edward Rosenfeld
    Alice and Al Rosenthal
    Linda Rosh
    Sheila and Martin Rotter
    Mandy Rubin and Tiran Avdar
    Mitzi and Jeremy Rubin
    Pamela Sampson
    Sallie M. Samuels
    Maxine and Jonathan Schein
    Nanci and Adam Shafran
    Adam Shapiro
    Howard and Shelley Shapiro
    Shelley and Allen Shaw
    Bonita Shelton
    Linda and Leonard Sherman
    Rosemarie Shields
    Lisa and Sheldon Shore
    Marilyn Shubin
    Beverly Shull
    Mona Shuman
    Lauren and Keith Silberman
    Cindy and Greg Silberman
    Rachelle and Barry Simon
    Cheryl and Paul Simonoff
    Robin and Jason Singer
    Andrea and Howie Slomka
    Jen and Miles Slutzky
    Lori and Matt Spett
    Rhonda and Lloyd Stark
    Stacy Sullivan
    Eduard Livshits and Olga Sutyagina
    Susan and Tim Taylor
    Karen Teitelbaum
    Chana and Michael Terushkin
    Dede and Bob Thompson
    Sidney Tourial
    Lucie Ulin
    Susan and William Usdan
    Maurisa and David Versel
    Voya Financial
    Sari and Daniel Wachtel
    Renee and Steven Weiskopf
    Laurie and Todd Weiss
    Sheldon West
    Arlene and Walter Wildstein
    Shanna Wilons
    Roslyn Winston
    Julie-Anne and Jeremy Wohlberg
    Betsy and Dennis Wolkin
    Terri Wolkow
    Judy and Kevin Wolman
    Michelle and Rick Young
    Ellen and Joseph Zarge
    Ellyse and Warren Zindler
    Adrienne and Ben Zinn
    Andra Lefkovits-Zolty and Paul Zolty


List of 2 members.

  • Paul Ginburg 

    Chief Advancement Officer, Associate Head of School
  • Nicole Rodriguez 

    Advancement & Admissions Manager
The Weber School, a Jewish Community high school serving students from all Jewish backgrounds, prepares students for success in college and in life with comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs that inspire student exploration, leadership, and Jewish social consciousness. Many of our programs and academies are unique to Weber and can't be found at any other Atlanta-area high schools.

The Felicia Penzell Weber Jewish Community High School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.