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English Literary Magazine

Ramblings, Weber’s trilingual literary and visual arts magazine is our contribution to the important arts and culture tradition of independent literary magazines -- a tradition dating back over 100 years.

Ramblings is entirely student-produced and peer-reviewed. It publishes contributions in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and visual arts. The creative writing our students produce in Hebrew and Spanish shows the progression of our students as they move beyond rote language foundations and engage in big ideas about identity, culture, and society.

Outlets like literary magazines are crucial because they provide proof that we're more than just a grade-cranking stepping stone to college. We're a lot more. We're here. We're alive and we think and we feel. And yes, the entries are silly, nonsensical, melodramatic, or dead-serious -- but they're also evidence that we're more than just homo sapiens. We're human beings. If we don't have something like the literary magazine, how do we know we're not just robots? Not just animals? Flannery O'Connor once wrote: 'A people is known, not by its statements or its statistics, but by the stories it tells.'Sam Bradford, Dean of English

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