• The Weber School approaches education differently. You hear it in the enthusiasm of our students' voices. You find it in the clever ways teachers demonstrate complex ideas. You see it in the artistic expression of our students and you cheer for it on our fields and courts. Above all, you feel it in the impact Weber students make today and tomorrow.

    There's a spirit within Weber that turns every ounce of energy into an experience where academic rigor and happiness are not mutually exclusive.

    In a sea of educational options, we know how rare schools like Weber really are. Ours, we believe, is the ideal environment. And when you walk through our doors, we think you'll agree.

  • The spirit we all want imbued into every aspect of our children's academic and Jewish lives is here. It's strong. It's vibrant. It's contagious.

    What we know for certain is that every student - every student - has a spark within. And whether your student knows it or not, whether it takes three months or three years to find, it is our responsibility to ignite it.

    Our students have a profound sense of responsibility for each other, the community, and the world.

  • Weber’s mission is to make minds—and hearts—swell with pride and discovery. Our spirit, and the spirit of every single person within our community, insists upon it.

    Weber students are here to learn. To grow. But also to understand, to push themselves, and to push back.

    At The Weber School, the right rules are followed and the right exceptions are made.

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Featured Events

Friday October 3

Erev Yom Kippur - 12:00 Dismissal

Thursday October 9

Sukkot - No School

Thru: 10/10/2014
Thursday October 16

Shemini Atzeret - No School

Friday October 17

Simchat Torah - No School

Thursday October 23

Women of Weber Rosh Chodesh Chavurah - Click for RSVP information

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