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Weber Student Faculty

Our Faculty & Staff

Beyond the transmission of information, is the ability to inspire curiosity and intellectual engagement, to persevere, support, and encourage.

Weber School faculty reach beyond the classroom, beyond the text, beyond the test, beyond the discipline. Our teachers engage with students across realms and well beyond the confines of the classroom. Our dynamic and passionate faculty includes:

The student to teacher ratio is 5:1. The average class size is approximately 10.


Faculty and Staff Directory

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Madi Anderson

Instructor for the Daniel Zalik Academy

Rise Arkin

Director of Admissions

Sheri Arotchas

Dean of Hebrew, Hebrew Teacher

Will Ashby

Director of Technology

Brad Bass

Theater Director

John Baum

English Teacher

Michael Bennett

Dean of Students, English Teacher

William (Sam) Bradford

Dean of English, English Teacher

Nicole Brite

Grade Level Dean, Dean of Science, Science Teacher