Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy

The Michael and Andrea Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy

Managed and operated by a student Governing Board at The Weber School under the direction of Dr. Hannah Chapple, the Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy serves as a clearinghouse for Weber students to choose meaningful, high-impact community service through a philanthropic lens. This office will provide Weber students, and eventually teens throughout the Atlanta Jewish community, easily accessible opportunities to choose service projects that align with their interests and skills, thereby incentivizing them to increase the time that they invest in acts of Tzedakah.
The Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy is affiliated with the Jewish Youth Promise. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

Goals for 2023-2024

List of 3 items.

  • Ethical Philanthropy Education

    This program aims to educate students about the ethical principles of philanthropy and how Jewish values, specifically the concept of Tzedakah, differ from general charitable giving. The goal is to ensure that students understand the deeper meaning of giving back to the community and develop a strong foundation in ethical philanthropy.
  • Service Engagement and Partnerships

    The program seeks to establish strong relationships with various organizations serving communal needs, both locally in Atlanta and beyond. This includes building a comprehensive database of opportunities for engagement and fostering connections with organization leaders and volunteer coordinators. The goal is to provide Weber students with a wide range of meaningful service opportunities and facilitate their engagement in service activities.
  • Sustainable Student Engagement

    This program aims to ensure that a significant portion of Weber students (at least 60%) are actively engaged in ongoing service work or projects. This goal underscores the importance of sustaining student involvement in service activities beyond the initial engagement phase, fostering a culture of ongoing commitment to community service. Additionally, the program focuses on continuous self-study and evaluation to identify successes and challenges and set clear annual benchmarks for future school years, ensuring a continuous improvement cycle.

Response to Tragedy in Israel

Due to the recent tragedies in Israel, the Office of Student Service and Philanthropy is focusing their efforts on supporting Israeli organizations and citizens in need. 


List of 3 members.

  • Hannah Chapple 

    Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Laura Klingensmith 

  • Nicole Rodriguez 

    Advancement & Admissions Manager
    404-917-2500, ext. 130

Outreach Team

In fall 2023, all members of the governing board served as part of the outreach team. In the spring, the governing board is continuing to build community partnerships, with a third of the governing board continuing to focus on outreach.

Counseling and Placement Team

A majority of the governing board is staffing the center and working with students to connect them to and support them in ongoing service projects.

Resource Management Team

A small number of students manage the digital database and physical space of the center, maintaining the schedule and updating all materials and resources as needed.

Counseling and Placement

The Counseling and Placement Team plays a crucial role in advising, counseling, placement, and support for their peers. They stay updated on available community partners to offer students the best options. These board members hold office hours in the Center and meet with students to identify their interests and passions, recommending suitable community partners for ongoing relationships. They also counsel students on shifting existing service partnerships towards long-term philanthropic engagement. Furthermore, they guide students through their initial contact with recommended partners, ensuring they feel comfortable with the process. The Counseling and Placement Team mentors students with a focus on directing 50% of their service towards Jewish organizations, causes aligned with Jewish values, or organizations related to Israel.

Partnership with Weber Athletics

This spring, each sports team at Weber has appointed Service and Philanthropy Liaisons who are organizing service projects for their team. Teams are focused on forming meaningful and lasting relationships with community partners with whom they will work throughout and beyond their season, including into future years. 

Baseball Model Program

Ongoing Local Relationship Connected to Jewish Values
The team will serve as baseball “buddies” for The Christopher League, children with special needs, throughout the season.

Fundraising in Support of Israel 
The team will host a clinic in order to fundraise for the JNF and provide support for Israel.

Baseball Community Clinic Fundraiser
Weber will host a baseball skills clinic open to middle-school players, and in exchange participants would contribute a suggested donation towards Jewish National Fund. Sponsorships will be available to support students from vulnerable communities who otherwise would not be able to donate.
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