The Daniel Zalik Academy

The Daniel Zalik Academy, or DZA, is Weber’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design Institute, housed in a professionally equipped fabrication lab (MIT-Inspired Fab Lab) on our campus. The DZA provides amazing opportunities for our students to gain mastery in human-centered design and develop expertise in scientific research, digital modeling, computer science, and robotics. Students acquire skills in areas such as digital fabrication, 3D printing, carpentry, and welding, and create product prototypes using these tools.

MIT-Inspired Fabrication Lab

The Fab Lab is a platform for innovation and invention, connecting to a global community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, and professionals of all ages located in more than 78 countries in approximately 1,000 facilities. Because all MIT-inspired Fab Labs share common tools and processes, the program is building a global network, a distributed laboratory for research and invention. Through this network, students will become members of an international science and technological innovation community, engaging in collaboration beyond the confines of Atlanta and building long-term relationships with current professionals and future colleagues worldwide. The Weber School is particularly excited about the opportunity for The Daniel Zalik Academy students to work with leading scientists, designers, and engineers through the Fab Lab network in Israel.

Senior Design Studio

A rigorous, capstone style thesis project meant to synthesize design thinking and the scientific method by assessing the community's needs. This is a student-driven, project-focused class lasting an entire year, and the goal is to produce a major passion project. Concepts involved in the course may include but are not restricted to human-centered design, project management, public speaking, formulating original proposals, and analyzing needs within the community. Students will make use of the FabLab to take their ideas from inspiration to final products, creating prototypes to hone their concepts into fully realized solutions that serve others at Weber and in the local community. Past projects include:
  • an instrument for wheel-chair bound individuals to help them pick up objects around them;
  • science learning kits for our partner organization Los Ninos Primero allowing them to have free access to premium educational tools to use in their after school program;
  • tools to simplify using everyday technology,
  • alleviating caregiver stress by creating a better, easy to use pill management system
  • educating poor, rural, South African youth about the field of Tracking rather than the dangerous and illegal job of poaching.
  • sourcing materials and creating intubation boxes for emergency rooms to protect health care workers on the front lines

Young Women in STEM

Weber's Young Women In STEM organization is led by The Daniel Zalik Academy Lab Manager, Madi Anderson. Along with five additional Weber coaches, Mrs. Anderson is leading a growing group of 9th-12th grade young women as they explore their interests and opportunities in STEM fields. 

This Weber group's primary goal is to attract young women to STEM fields by introducing them to important causes that are being addressed, provide mentoring by women in professional leadership in STEM fields, and introduce them to the variety of professional STEM pathways. As it has been historically less common for women to enter STEM fields, Ms. Anderson and the coaches are committed to building their students' confidence by cultivating their leadership skills in STEM, enabling them to progress seamlessly into advanced study and STEM practice during college and in their careers.
The Daniel Zalik Academy provides students with opportunities to earn an honors diploma in technology and design upon graduation. Jewish students across Atlanta from day schools, public schools, and other Jewish programs have access to the resources in Weber’s DZA through special collaborations and camps. 


List of 6 members.

  • Madison Anderson 

    DZA Teacher / Lab Manager
  • Catherine Chapman 

    Daniel Zalik Academy and Mathematics Teacher
  • Chris Chapman 

    Director of Technology and Design for The Daniel Zalik Academy
  • Alexander McIntyre 

    DZA Teacher / Assistant Lab Manager
  • Adna Muliawan 

    DZA Teacher / Science Teacher
  • Julia Vorpahl 

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