The Daniel Zalik Academy

The Daniel Zalik Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design (DZA) provides unparalleled opportunities for students to gain mastery in human-centered design and develop expertise in scientific research, digital modeling, computer science, and robotics. The DZA's state-of-the-art lab is outfitted with professional-grade equipment that is typically found at the college level and beyond. The collaboration between the DZA faculty and students, with its predominantly student-driven learning and exploration, allows students to create distinct paths of interest within the program.
Students outside of the DZA program also have access to its incredible resources through interdisciplinary instruction. Weber teachers from across subject areas utilize the lab to illustrate concepts they are teaching and demonstrate the application of concepts through creativity and project development. Additionally, students both within and outside of the DZA program have daily access to the lab to learn, create, and explore their interests.
  • Introduction to The Daniel Zalik Academy


Honors Diploma Distinction

The Weber Honors Diploma Exposition is the final milestone for students pursuing honors distinction from The Daniel Zalik Academy and the Sports Science and Management Academy. Students present and defend work completed throughout their enrollment in their respective academies and seek final approval by a committee of scholastic and professional authorities. Candidates are confirmed upon demonstration of their breadth of knowledge, depth of understanding, and affirmation of their adherence to the principles and values of The Daniel Zalik Academy, Sports Science and Management Academy, and The Weber School at large.

Karlin Expo

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  • Karlin Science, Technology, and Design Expo

    Weber’s Karlin Science, Technology, and Design Expo transforms The Weber School into an interactive, student-led showcase of science, technology, and human-centered design work completed in The Daniel Zalik Academy (DZA). 
    Parents, students, and community members take on the role of physicists, engineers, and designers by participating in a modern take on the classic Pinewood Derby and interactive demonstrations showcasing the practical applications of Weber’s FabLab. Students from the Science Research and Entrepreneurship class present their work using the FabLab and other resources to develop and create human-centered, socially-conscious products and resources for communities in need. Young Women in STEM and Weber’s award-winning Robotics team, the DZA-Rambots, also showcase highlights from the year.
    Students from Weber’s Design Marketplace course, a course fashioned to focus on the entrepreneurial and product development side of industrial design, display their final products for sale alongside student work from classes that partner with the DZA throughout the year, such as ceramics, physics, Jewish studies, and math. 

Special Programs

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  • Young Women in STEM

    Weber's Young Women In STEM organization is a growing group of young women exploring their interests and opportunities in STEM fields by introducing them to important causes that are being addressed, provide mentoring by women in professional leadership in STEM fields, and introduce them to the variety of professional STEM pathways. As it has been historically less common for women to enter STEM fields, The Weber School is committed to building confidence by cultivating their leadership skills in STEM, enabling them to progress seamlessly into advanced study and STEM practice during college and in their careers.
  • Science Entrepreneurship

    A rigorous, capstone-style thesis project that synthesizes design thinking and the scientific method by assessing the community's needs. This year-long, student-driven, project-focused class takes student ideas from inspiration to final products, creating prototypes to hone their concepts into fully realized solutions that serve others at Weber and in the local community. Concepts involved in the course may include human-centered design, project management, public speaking, formulating original proposals, and analyzing needs within the community.
  • Robotics

    The Weber DZA-Rambots build and compete in the GA FIRST Tech Challenge competition. FIRST Tech Challenge teams are challenged to design, build, program, and operate industrial-size robots to compete in head-to-head challenges in alliance with other teams. Teams must also fundraise, design, and market their team brand, and advance respect and appreciation for STEM within the community. The award-winning DZA Rambots compete at regional, state, and world championship levels.

Community Involvement

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  • DZA Open Lab

    Throughout the school year and summer, The Weber School invites friends from the Atlanta Jewish Community and beyond to join our students and faculty in our state-of-the-art Fab Lab of The Daniel Zalik Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design (DZA)! It serves as a vibrant hub for creativity and collaboration, providing a dedicated space for exploration and hands-on learning.

    The DZA Open Lab is open to students, faculty, alumni, parents, siblings (grades 6-8) and friends of students of The Weber School; students from Weber’s partner day schools (grades 6-8); and others from the broader community who wish to bring their work or discover new skills and talents in the areas of science, technology, and design. With the guidance of our expert staff and student lab assistants, participants have the support they need to nurture their ingenuity and bring their ideas to life!
  • Weber Parents Group: Wine & Design

    About once a month, the Weber Parents Group teams up with the DZA to host a Wine & Design night! Projects include Passover Seder plate making, Passover matzah holders, laser engraving custom tumblers, and more.
The Weber School, a Jewish Community high school serving students from all Jewish backgrounds, prepares students for success in college and in life with comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs that inspire student exploration, leadership, and Jewish social consciousness. Many of our programs and academies are unique to Weber and can't be found at any other Atlanta-area high schools.

The Felicia Penzell Weber Jewish Community High School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.