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Elective Courses
In addition to numerous Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Preparatory classes, Weber offers a wide variety of unique elective courses that reflect faculty members’ content expertise and research fields. 


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  • Rabbi Edward Harwitz 

    Head of School
  • Shlaina Van Dyke 

  • Rise Arkin 

    Director of Admissions

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  • Academies

    Weber takes a great deal of pride in its Only at Weber experiences, which include two distinguished Academies.

    The Daniel Zalik Academy, or DZA, is Weber’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design Institute, housed in a professionally equipped fabrication lab (MIT-Inspired Fab Lab) on our campus. The DZA provides amazing opportunities for our students to gain mastery in human-centered design and develop expertise in scientific research, digital modeling, computer science, and robotics. Students acquire skills in areas such as digital fabrication, 3D printing, carpentry, and welding, and create product prototypes using these tools.

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    The Weber Sports Science and Management Academy, featuring an Honors Diploma program, is designed to educate students in fields including physical therapies, sports medicine, physical training, fitness, and sports management. This program offers exclusive opportunities for Weber students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in these disciplines which is typically only available at the college level.

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  • Fine & Performing Arts

    Weber offers multiple courses in the visual arts, ceramics, dance, music, and theater with two musical productions each year. Our comprehensive music education program features performance and general music courses, choral and instrumental performance ensembles, and Artists-in-Residence.

    Weber’s music program offers many opportunities for students to make music! Whether you play an instrument or are interested in learning how to play an instrument such as guitar or piano- we have a place for you! Weber’s musicians form various bands and a chorus each school year. Our music students frequently learn from and perform with professional, touring musicians and perform alongside them at venues around Atlanta.

    The mission of the Weber Theatre Department is to celebrate the talents of each individual. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table and showcasing these gifts is a crucial part of the artistic process.

    We rehearse and perform at least two productions per year. These productions vary depending on the semester. Past productions have included book musicals, straight plays, virtual performances, showcases, and original Weber one-acts (both musical and non-musical) written by members of the student body. We are proud members of the National Thespian Society

    Dance training and one-on-one vocal coaching may also be available so please ask for more information about this if you are interested.

    Our Fine Arts program includes two art studios – one for ceramics and one for visual arts. The ceramics studio has 14 wheels and a slab roller, accommodating the many students who select this elective. Assignments range from sculpture and tableware to Jewish ritual objects such as Passover seder plates and kiddush cups. Although most pots are fired electrically inside, Raku firings happen periodically outside — in the lower parking lot. The ceramics teacher and a Jewish Studies teacher co-teach an interdisciplinary course in Jewish Symbolism where the class studies Jewish text and then creates a visual arts piece that expresses their interpretation of the text.

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  • Israel and Travel Education

    The Abe Besser Senior Israel-Poland Experience is a hallmark of senior year at Weber. This three-week travel education program offers extensive learning about Jewish history as well as contemporary Jewish life in both Israel and Poland. This unique experience nurtures an authentic connection for students with their Jewish identity and serves as a capstone to the four years at Weber. Weber works in partnership with Heller High School in Israel and The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland to bring this wonderful experience to life for our seniors.

    We also have a highly coveted Spanish Immersion Program for Spanish students in all grades. Through field studies in Atlanta and an extended stay in either Spain or Cuba, students have the opportunity to authentically engage in and fully understand the culture beyond tourist attractions. Students explore the Jewish communities and Jewish life as well as local culture including music, art, food, sports, and politics.

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At The Weber School, students receive access to a wide range of College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement options as well as unique and innovative curricular and co-curricular programs. In every subject, we aim to challenge and encourage students to reach their highest level of potential and have gathered a highly talented and devoted faculty to develop each student’s abilities. Course offerings vary from year to year to give students access to varied learning opportunities.
The Weber School, a Jewish Community high school serving students from all Jewish backgrounds, prepares students for success in college and in life with comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs that inspire student exploration, leadership, and Jewish social consciousness. Many of our programs and academies are unique to Weber and can't be found at any other Atlanta-area high schools.

The Felicia Penzell Weber Jewish Community High School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.