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Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows

The Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows

The Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows, a co-curricular Honors Diploma distinction program, is aimed at fostering dynamic leadership with a focus on serving Israel and the Jewish community.  As a Fellow, students will deepen their knowledge of Zionism, educating peers and adults regarding the complex challenges facing Israel today and building stronger ties between North American Jews, our broader community, and the people and land of Israel. 


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  • Bernadette May-Beaver 

    Director of Israel and Global Education / Social Studies Teacher

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  • Program Partners

    Noam Weissman

    Executive Vice President
    OpenDor Media

    Dr. Noam Weissman, Executive Vice President of OpenDor Media, is a recognized thought leader on new paradigms in Jewish education to reach students inside and outside the classroom. Driven by a passion to inspire inquiry and to teach without being trapped in black and white world views, he is building models that acknowledge and accompany students on their journey to make sense of a complex Jewish world.

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  • Program Cost

    Given the important mission of this new Israel Fellowship, it is important to us at Weber that this initiative be financially accessible to all interested and qualified applicants. A generous grant from Ann Kay and her family enables the Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows to participate at a highly subsidized rate of $360 per student.

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  • About Michael and Ann Kay

    Michael Kay, z"l, was not merely a philanthropist but a visionary who, hand in hand with his beloved wife Ann, had a significant impact on The Weber School and the Atlanta Jewish community at large. His leadership was both strategic and heartfelt, always aligning with a forward-thinking approach that sought to envision a prosperous future for the community.

    The Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows program is not just a tribute but a continuation of Michael’s legacy, intertwining his visionary leadership approach with Weber's student leadership in service of Israel and the Jewish people.

    The Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows program was established at The Weber School through a generous investment by his wife, Ann Kay, and their family.

Program Highlights

The Michael Kay Israel Leadership Fellows program at The Weber School is distinguished by its immersive learning experiences. Its multi-year cohort experience includes ongoing education, off-campus retreats, and life-changing travel, exposing students to Israel's people, places, and experiences and leveraging student leadership in high school, college, and beyond.

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  • Overnight Off-Campus Retreats

    Fellows have the privilege of engaging in two enriching overnight off-campus retreats in the Fall and Spring led by the esteemed Dr. Noam Weissman and a team of world-class Israel educators from OpenDor Media. These retreats are designed to explore Zionism, providing a unique and essential framework for discussing and understanding Israel, its rich history, culture, and values.

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  • Leadership Track

    Seniors who are accepted as Fellows and are also enrolled for the Abe Besser Israel Poland Experience will partake in a series of leadership track experiences curated for them in Israel, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to the region and its significance.

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  • Additional Learning

    Guided by expert faculty and community leaders, students will come together regularly for learning sessions throughout the fall and spring semesters. These sessions aim to deepen their knowledge of Zionism and how to navigate difficult conversations related to the land of Israel.
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