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The Weber School Peer Leaders

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership at Weber is an orientation and transition program that welcomes new students and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year at Weber.

Our Peer leaders exemplify leadership on and off campus, acting as mentors to new students. Peer Leaders offer a perspective that is welcoming and un-intimidating. They guide new students through their first weeks as they discover how to be socially and academically successful at Weber.

Summer workshops prepare peer leaders for their role in new student orientation with a heavy emphasis on leading icebreakers and team-building activities.

Peer Leadership training focuses on:

  • effective listening skills,
  • group dynamics,
  • group facilitation,
  • and leadership styles.

Peer leaders facilitate bi-weekly peer group meetings with two peer leaders assigned to co-facilitate each small group throughout the year. Peer groups provide freshmen and transfer students with the opportunity to cultivate a connection and a sense of belonging with classmates and their peer leaders. The upperclassmen set the stage for open communication, exploration of self and relationship development by facilitating discussion topics such as how to deal with cliques, making new friends, getting involved in activities, balancing an academic life with a social life, and many other subjects that specifically address the needs of newcomers.

At the end of first semester, the peer leaders host a parent’s night for all freshman and transfer parents. This event gives parents the opportunity to meet the peer leaders and learn about the Peer Leadership program first hand.