Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment at The Weber School includes a variety of support for students with documented learning differences and challenges. The Director of Learning Enrichment and the Learning Center faculty work with students to increase their self-advocacy skills, to advance their development as independent learners, and to deepen their understanding of their unique learning profile.


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  • Individualized Learning Plan

    For students with a psycho-educational evaluation, an Individualized Learning Plan is developed by the Director of Student Support and Enrichment based on the results and recommendations outlined in the evaluation. All psycho-educational evaluations must meet the following criteria.

    Documentation required to qualify for instructional and testing accommodations:
    • The student’s parents must submit a full educational psychological evaluation, dated within three years of the date of submission, which must include both cognitive and achievement measures, and be administered by a fully credentialed evaluator for review by the Weber School’s Director of Student Support and Enrichment. The Weber School does not accept documentation written by a family member.
    • The educational psychological evaluation report must include specific written recommendations to support the need for the requested instructional accommodations(s) listed in the plan.
    • Accommodations are meant to make the learning environment accessible for all students. The specific accommodations that may be needed by a student often help them better navigate the classroom environment and find success when faced with a difference in learning style, a difference in processing speed, or the way that the student processes information.
    • The Weber School reserves the right to request updated documentation or more information from a student’s treatment team at any time.
    Procedures for accessing and using accommodations:
    • Teachers will be made aware of accommodations via Blackbaud.
    • Students should reach out to teachers and meet to discuss any concerns they have about implementing their learning plans in their classes.
  • Individualized Learning Plan Accommodations

    The Individualized Learning Plan outlines the instructional and testing accommodations determined necessary to facilitate student learning and is reviewed as needed to ensure that it accurately reflects student strengths and needs. While The Weber School does not offer a modified curriculum, we can implement the following instructional and testing accommodations, as recommended in a psycho-educational evaluation:
    • Extended time on tests, quizzes, and exams based on evaluator recommendation.
    • Use of a personal laptop computer for classroom notes and written composition.
    • Strategic seating within the classroom.
    • Access to teacher notes.
    Additional accommodations may be offered to students as deemed necessary and reasonable and documented within one’s psycho-educational evaluation.
  • Academic Coaching

    Students in need of more intensive support and monitoring may be assigned an Academic Coach. Academic Coaches guide students in developing study plans and setting academic priorities. Students meet with their coach as needed, and should it be determined necessary, a student may be approved for a study hall to better accommodate coaching sessions and to support the student in managing coursework demands.
  • National Standardized Testing Accommodations

    Some students with documented learning needs may also be eligible for accommodations on national standardized exams. To receive accommodations on these exams, an application to the specific testing institution must be submitted. The Director of Learning Enrichment can assist families in submitting these applications. However, it is important to note that all decisions related to a student’s eligibility for accommodations on these types of exams are made by either the College Board or ACT. Students cannot take the ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, or AP Exams with accommodations without written approval by the specific testing institution governing the test.


List of 3 members.

  • Jordan Crawford 

    Director of Student Support and Enrichment
  • Rosie Grinzaid 

    Associate Director of Student Social and Emotional Support
  • Rachel Miller 

    Dean of Academic Planning
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