Health and Wellness Journeys

Nearly two-thirds of Weber students are directly involved in the Sports Science Academy offerings through competitive athletics, fitness and training programs, and academic classes, creating a culture of health, wellness, and fitness as a core value embraced by faculty and students. Three Weber students, Noam Friedman, Izzy Wachter, and Elisa Rosenthal, share how Weber has supported their Health and Wellness journeys.

Senior Noam Friedman was nursing a knee injury when she joined Weber's swim team. Working with Trainer Paige Fossey in Weber's sports medicine office, Noam kept an active physical therapy regimen throughout the swim season to ensure healing, strength, and agility. After a strong season and building a close working relationship with Paige, Noam didn't want her strengthening efforts to end, so she began to participate in Strength and Conditioning at Weber. During her fitness journey, Noam has also developed a keen interest in nutrition and its role in performance. "I've realized how important nutrition is as well as strength training. I've built a close working relationship with the coaches who teach in the Sports Science Academy, and I'm so thankful that they continue to advise me on my overall wellness program."

Izzy Wachter and Elisa Rosenthal are workout partners at Weber. They meet each afternoon at the Athletics Annex for a strength and conditioning workout designed by Zamir Norry -- after his work with the Sports Science Academy, Zamir is a certified personal trainer. 

Izzy, a Weber Cheerleader, began working out during her first cheer season. As a "flyer" she realized she needed strength and stability to perform safely and successfully. "The stronger I got, the more difficult skills I could perform," Izzy shared. "I'm from a very athletic family, so it has been great to get stronger and work out with my brother and my parents." Izzy continued, "This whole experience has really increased my confidence as well as my interest in wellness. Last year, I did an internship with Trainer Fossey and began to learn about Physical Therapy, taping injuries, rehab programs for athletes, and treating and preventing injuries. I have my Sports Science Academy (SSA) courses all lined up for junior and senior year, and my goal is to graduate with an honors certificate from the  SSA."

As a new cheerleader, Elisa realized that the more work she puts in, the stronger she gets and the more she can contribute to the team. Intending to gain strength, Elisa set out on her fitness journey last month and hasn't looked back! "Working out with Izzy is a great motivator for both of us. After school, we meet at the Annex most days and keep up with the great workouts that Zamir creates for us. I feel motivated and stronger already. I'm looking forward to next year's Cheer season because I know I'll be able to contribute even more."
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