Bringing Light into Darkness

Chanukiyot designed in The Daniel Zalik Academy in Lab Instructor Alex McIntyre’s 3-D Modeling class in collaboration with Director of Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies Linda Parmet were beautifully displayed at The Fernbank Museum for Chanukah this year.
The project began with Ms. Parmet visiting the 3-D Modeling students to talk about the significance of Chanukah. Using “play” to bring the logical and creative sides of the brain together, Ms. Parmet created a digital escape room, using clues as tools to teach about the customs and traditions of the holiday. Learning in such a fun way got the students’ creative energy flowing, and the students immersed themselves into the project, creating beautiful designs with personal significance. 
Sophomore Sidney Parker was excited about the project, saying, “I wanted to create a Chanukiya in a unique shape. My family has many chanukiyot, and they are all pretty traditional, so my design is circular. I’ve never seen a circular chanukiya, and to me, it represents the passage of time, like a clock. I was also inspired by the concept of impossibility and moving step-by-step.” Sophomore Shayna Robins found inspiration in Chanukah’s theme of “bringing light into darkness” and created a modern, eye-catching chanukiya with a black base and white candle holders.
Mr. McIntyre and Ms. Parmet were thoroughly impressed by the students’ final pieces. “This was a great way for students to express themselves and their Jewish Identity through design and showcase their skills in 3D modeling,” shared Mr. McIntyre. Ms. Parmet agreed, saying, “This type of interdisciplinary collaboration is unique to Weber. Integrating the diverse skills of faculty in different departments while also integrating Judaism into a popular DZA 3D modeling class was a unique and special opportunity for our students.”
All of the chanukiyot the class created are currently displayed on the first floor of The Weber School for everyone to enjoy! 
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