You Blinded Me With Science!

10th-grade Chemistry students investigated metal reactivity with a hands-on lab designed to see chemical reactions in action and to demonstrate the process of a single-displacement reaction, where one element in a chemical compound replaces another.

The experiment began with students meticulously covering galvanized flash—metal plates coated with a layer of zinc—with a protective layer of masking tape. Students then created a unique pattern on the metal surface by carefully cutting away specific masking tape areas. After immersing the flash in an acid solution, the zinc coating fell away to expose the iron underneath. Students then dipped the exposed iron into a copper solution to observe copper being deposited onto the flash. This chemical reaction showcased the process of single-displacement reaction in real-time, and the students were amazed by the transformative power of chemical reactions on their designs.

Chemistry teacher Nicole Brite was thrilled with the class’ engagement and enthusiasm during the lab. "There's nothing quite like the thrill of discovery that comes with observing a chemical reaction for the first time. This lab encourages the students to actively engage with the material and see the magic of science unfold in real time!”
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