The Power of Programming

Students in The Daniel Zalik Academy's Computer Science Principles class used Earsketch, a free web-based platform to help students learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology, to create a story through music. The “Sounds of Weber” project allowed students to explore the intersection between computer science and music, using Python code to generate musical pieces inspired by sounds from their school environment. 
The project challenged students to leverage their knowledge of Python code by creating strings, variables, conditionals, and looping while introducing them to data structures. After students recorded sounds that they felt were uniquely "Weber," such as lockers slamming, fingers tapping on keyboards, or the buzz of conversation, they mixed the sounds with musical clips from the Earsketch library, creating unique compositions with a distinct sense of place.
The project had several components, and students created pieces that ranged from upbeat and energetic to contemplative and reflective. Computer Science and Math teacher Cathey Chapman was impressed by the range and caliber of the student’s projects: “This is a great way for students to see the practical applications of the skills they learned in class, and is a reminder that computer science is not just about writing code, but about using technology to create something new and meaningful.”
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