Commemorating Phillip Silverman and Jeff Unger

On Monday, March 13th, 2023, the Indian Hills Country Club welcomed 104 high school golfers from 15 different schools for the 7th Annual Phillip Silverman Memorial Golf Tournament. The unique Jack and Jill format, consisting of three boys and two girls on each team, commemorates the lives of two exceptional young men, Phillip Silverman and Jeff Unger.
Jeff Unger, who started the golf program at Weber, coached the team for many years alongside Alan Silverman, Phillip's father. They formed a strong partnership, and Alan continues to coach at Weber to this day. Jeff's son, Jason, was a former Weber student and played golf on the team. Jeff battled cancer for nine years, and in his last few years his friend Alan offered his unwavering support during his battle.
Phillip's own life, tragically cut short in a car accident at 18 years old, was filled with promise, and in 2017, Jeff Unger envisioned a high school golf tournament to honor Phillip's memory and express gratitude to his friend Alan. The Indian Hills Country Club generously agreed to host the event, and the first Phillip Silverman Memorial Golf Tournament took place that year.
Since then, the tournament has grown, carrying deep significance for the Silverman and Unger families and the entire Weber community. Before the event, participants are reminded of the importance of safe driving, a fitting tribute to Phillip, and a crucial message for all attendees. This year, Weber had the 8th-best team score out of 19 teams in the tournament, an impressive feat considering the size of the other schools. Alan Silverman, Phillip's father, expressed his pride in the team, saying, "These are schools literally ten times their size. In years past, the school's goal was just to not finish last!" Brad Deham, the director of Athletics at Mount Vernon School, expressed his gratitude for the event and the important message it carries. "Events like this most certainly raise awareness and save lives," he said. "Thank you for sharing that part of your life with us."
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