Student Support and Wellness

This month, Weber’s Office of Student Support and Wellness launched several programs for parents and students focused on providing educational resources and support for navigating health, academic, and emotional challenges. 

Anchored Parenting Webinar for 9th Grade Parents

The transition from middle school to high school presents unique complexities and challenges. The Anchored Parenting Webinar, hosted by tween and teen specialist Erica Hruby, shed light on the common hurdles faced during this period and offered parents practical strategies to assist their teens in navigating through them successfully. The session provided a nurturing environment for parents to learn, interact, and prepare for high school while establishing a foundation for a peaceful, respectful, and communicative family system. 

Vaping Education Program with Kenny Haney

Addressing the rising concerns surrounding vaping among teens, Kenny Haney, a community health advocate at Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute and a credentialed American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking facilitator, led a parent education event. Kenny has played a pivotal role over the past five years in shaping the "Built To Quit: Smoking and Tobacco Cessation" program, and during the parent education event, Kenny shared his wealth of experience on the risks and adverse effects of vaping. Kenny began the student program sessions this month, and in the coming weeks, all Weber students will have benefited from his informative and engaging approach.

Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA)

Aiming to empower juniors and seniors with knowledge surrounding mental health, Weber introduced the Teen Mental Health First Aid program. Spread over six sessions for 11th and 12th grades, the program equips students with the skills to recognize, comprehend, and address mental health and substance use challenges among their peers. Facilitated by Weber staff and professionals from JF&CS, certified by Mental Health First Aid USA®, this initiative underlines the importance of supportive conversations and seeking guidance from trusted adults when dealing with such challenges.
Each initiative embodies The Weber School’s commitment to creating an informed and supportive environment where our students succeed emotionally and academically by bringing positive, growth-minded experiences to parents and students throughout the school year.
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