Response to Hamas' War on Israel

In the face of the recent horrifying events in Israel, marked by terrorist attacks from Hamas, loss of innocent lives, and abductions, The Weber School has channeled its empathy and concern into a series of reflective, supportive, and proactive activities designed to stand firmly alongside Israel and its people during this terrible and tumultuous period.

Upon returning to school on Tuesday, following a grievous weekend of unsettling news from Israel, Weber faculty and staff organized meaningful platforms for collective reflection and solidarity. An intimate space within the Cohen-Kogon Chapel was provided, enabling students to navigate through their thoughts and emotions, finding strength and hope amidst shared sorrow and concern.

Later that afternoon, a Tekes (ceremony) was convened in the Tzadik Performing Arts Center, demonstrating Weber’s solidarity with Israel. The program wove through various emotional and reflective segments, opening with the Star Spangled Banner, transitioning into framing remarks by Rabbi Harwitz, personal reflections from Rabbi Mayer and Morah Ben-Haim, student representatives from The Rams for Israel offering prayers for the State of Israel, the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and hostages taken by Hamas during Saturday’s attacks. The Tekes concluded with the solemn, yet hopeful strains of "Lu Yehi" penned and composed by Naomi Shemer amidst the Yom Kippur War in 1973, followed by the singing of “Hatikvah.”
Throughout this week, Weber students demonstrated personal initiative, showcasing leadership and their support for Israel in different ways. For some, support emanated through religious expression, with students wrapping tefillin, establishing a personal and spiritual link amid these challenging moments. Weber Rams for Israel student leaders promptly orchestrated a letter-writing campaign, extending words of support and solidarity to lone soldiers—members of the IDF who serve without the immediate support of family in Israel due to geographical distance or estrangement. Our entire community may feel proud that so many additional Weber students are stepping forward with proposals for ways that our school can actively and constructively support Israel and Israelis as events unfold in the coming days and weeks.
Our unity echoed beyond the walls of Weber and into the larger community during the Community Solidarity Gathering for Israel at the Sandy Springs City Center. Hundreds of members of The Weber School community -  students, parents, and faculty and staff -  uniting with thousands more, stood shoulder to shoulder, expressing their collective stance against the horror unfurling in Israel. 

Navigating the difficult road ahead, Weber's unwavering support and commitment to Israel and our community stand firm. As the needs of Israelis continue to emerge, all of  us at Weber will look for opportunities to stand with and support Israel in the most meaningful and impactful ways possible.
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