Field Trip to the Emory Sports Performance and Research Center

Students from Weber’s Foundations of Sports Medicine, a course offered through the Sports Science and Management Academy (SSMA), recently visited the Emory Sports Performance and Research Center (SPARC), delving into the forefront of sports science and technology. At SPARC, a hub of innovation in athletic research, the students were exposed to a variety of cutting-edge tools such as 3D body mapping, brainwave monitors, force plate flooring, and virtual reality systems used for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

During the tour, a highlight was the live demonstration of the virtual reality system. This advanced technology is transforming the approach to training and recovery for athletes, from high school competitors to professional levels. The interactive demonstration not only showcased the practical applications of these technologies but also illustrated how virtual reality is being integrated into modern sports medicine for enhanced performance and safety.

This visit to SPARC provided a practical look into the potential and exciting future of sports science and research and offered our students a unique perspective on the intersection of sports, science, and technology, aligning perfectly with the SSMA's mission to offer hands-on, experiential learning. Thank you to SSMA faculty Maggie Sherlock and SSMA Dean Melissa Drish for making this opportunity available to our students!
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