Tzadik Performing Arts Center's First Community Event

The Tzadik Performing Arts Center at The Weber School showcased its versatility to support and advance performing arts programming for Weber students and the Jewish community through two recent events: a master class artist workshop and the “Across the Pond International Guitar Festival.”
Programming began with a master class workshop exclusively for Weber students led by Arian Raso and his ensemble musicians as part of Weber's Visiting Artist Series launched in September 2022. This immersive workshop allowed Weber students to delve into the nuances of live performance and professional musicianship. Weber students Jaren Wolff and Ethan Peck also had the opportunity to perform with the band, showcasing their skills and learning from seasoned artists. Ethan enthusiastically reflected on this experience, “Playing with professional musicians of this caliber was invaluable. Their approach to performance, especially engaging with the audience, was incredibly insightful.”
That evening, The Tzadik Performing Arts Center marked another milestone with its first public concert featuring the acclaimed "Across the Pond International Guitar Festival" presented by Steve's Live Music. The concert featured musicians Jimmy Robinson, Arian Raso, and Gavino Loche, showcasing their extraordinary talents in a memorable evening of music. Weber’s Music Program Director Drew Cohen's ongoing collaboration with professional musicians continues to offer Weber students and the greater Atlanta community unique opportunities to witness musical excellence up close.
Weber Junior Stella Galanti opened the concert with a live performance of an original song, a piece she previously brought to her Sound Engineering class. With the guidance of Michael Levine, Weber's Sound Engineering and Music teacher, Stella produced a studio version of her song, utilizing the professional-grade equipment and facilities of The Tzadik Performing Arts Center. Stella’s live performance showcased not only her talent but also how Weber's resources in both classroom and professional settings nurture the artistic growth of our students.
As The Tzadik Performing Arts Center continues to establish itself as a communal resource for music and the arts, keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming performances showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of our students and guest musicians.
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