Michael and Andrea Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy

Last week, The Weber School proudly celebrated the official opening of The Michael and Andrea Leven Office of Student Service and Philanthropy with a meeting between Mr. Mike Leven and the Student Governing Board. 

Mr. Leven shared his vision and experience as a philanthropist, emphasizing the importance of informed philanthropy—understanding the mission of the organizations that one would choose to support. “I'm deeply impressed by what these students have achieved in such a short time. Their dedication reflects the very essence of what I believe is crucial in philanthropy—making informed decisions about where contributions go. This is precisely why I chose to invest in this initiative with The Weber School; it's about fostering a culture where young people not only contribute but also engage with their contributions thoughtfully,” Leven remarked.

The office, managed by a Student Governing Board under the expert direction of Dr. Hannah Chapple, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Ms. Laura Klingensmith, Executive Assistant, is a pioneering initiative emphasizing actionable student leadership and peer-to-peer support in community service endeavors.

Dr. Chapple highlighted the office’s core objectives, saying, “By connecting peers with meaningful service opportunities that align with their interests and fostering a deep understanding of philanthropy from a young age, we are laying the foundation for a lifetime of philanthropic engagement, extending beyond volunteerism to include financial support for causes they are passionate about.”

Senior Jesse Berzack, deeply passionate about Israel, emphasized the importance of this initiative for future generations. “Our efforts today are about laying the groundwork for lasting impact locally and in support of Israel. As a senior, I am motivated to leave a legacy that others can continue for as long as possible. It's not just about serving our community now; it's about mentoring those who come after us, ensuring they carry on this work.”

The focus for The Leven Office in the 2023-2024 school year includes educating students on the Jewish ethical foundation of philanthropy and designing systems to facilitate their active involvement in service projects. Head of School Rabbi Ed Harwitz reflected on the broader implications of this initiative for the school and the Jewish community at large. “The launch of this office establishes a new model of student leadership in driving a culture of service and tzedakah (righteous action), values central to Jewish educational tradition and community,” said Harwitz. “By offering students access to a variety of service opportunities that reflect their passions and interests, the student leadership of The Leven Office will ensure that Weber students graduate having already integrated a philanthropic lens with service while creating a student-run service program that will serve as a model for Jewish high schools and teen programs throughout our broader Jewish community.” 
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