Weber's Film Program

The Weber School's Film Program, led by sophomore Noah Berg and guided by Social Studies teacher Dr. Jon Schmitt, is proud to present its latest project: Onstage at Weber. Created by Noah Berg, the documentary film showcases the Tzadik Performing Arts Center and features interviews with the Director of the Theatre Program, Brad Bass, Dance Teacher Kate Fahrner, and Musical Director Carry Tedder. Students Kayla Furie, Daniella Zalik, Elliott Furie, Stella Galanti, Rachel Blumenthal, and Tomer Bezalel also share their insights, discussing the importance of having such a professional environment and the impact it has on their artistic growth.

Noah shared his excitement for the program's future, stating, “Having access to state-of-the-art equipment available at Weber has opened up a world of possibilities for us as students. Through the film program, we can explore different aspects of filmmaking, from producing and cinematography to lighting design and interviewing. I'm excited about the potential we have at Weber, and as more students get involved and we gain more resources, we can achieve even greater things.”

The Film Program is an extracurricular initiative that brings together students who are passionate about film production. Students engage in various aspects of filmmaking, from conceiving and writing scripts for fictional and documentary projects to planning shoots and mastering the art of filming, lighting, and editing. This hands-on experience provides a comprehensive understanding of storytelling through film.

The program's first project was a mockumentary that humorously depicted a student's experiences with Membeam. Looking ahead, the program aims to collaborate with Weber administration to create promotional films that highlight our school's diverse programs, faculty, and students. Additionally, it seeks to produce entertainment-driven media for student gatherings and events, and hopes to invite industry professionals to talk to students about careers in film production and give production tutorials.

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