Fields of Dreams!

The Weber School community came together in a dazzling display of spirit and support at last week’s Night Ball event, a milestone celebration that brought our “Fields of Dreams” to life under the bright lights of the newly illuminated Marks and Kopman fields.

With over 150 attendees, the atmosphere was electric as students, parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends from across the Atlanta Jewish community cheered on our Weber Rams. The baseball and soccer fields set the stage for an unforgettable evening filled with free food, drinks, and a palpable sense of celebration.

The soccer field, graciously named Kopman Field by Byron and Renette Kopman, saw a special moment as their grandchildren, Noah and Blake, along with their parents, Jann (Class of 2005) and Nate, Jared (Class of 2008) and Jenn, took part in the ceremonial kick-off. Noah kicked the ball to Blake, who was guarding the goal, while Devin cheered on from the sidelines.

Over on the baseball field, named Marks Field by Joel and Charlotte Marks, their son Steven Marks (Class of 2004) threw the ceremonial first pitch, marking the beginning of a victorious game for the Rams. In the announcer's booth, former Atlanta radio personality and current Weber parent Jimmy Baron, father of Micah (Class of 2025), along with his former 99X colleagues Crash Clark and Steve Craig, added their voices to the excitement.

The soccer game was called by current parent Brian Mand, father of Emily (Class of 2023) and Daryn (Class of 2026), who also emceed the lighting ceremony. As dusk fell, Jared Kopman and Steven Marks officially turned on the lights, casting a brilliant glow over the fields and ushering in a new era for Weber athletics.

The evening ended on a high note, with the Rams triumphing over Galloway in baseball with a score of 7-2 and securing a 3-0 victory against Horizon Christian in boys soccer. Night Ball was not just a celebration of our athletic achievements but a testament to the spirit and unity of the Weber community. It was a reminder that with the continued support and investment in The Weber Fund, we can keep turning dreams into reality for our students and faculty.

To see pictures from the evening, click here.
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